Why you must optimize your Website for Mobile

Going Mobile is seems to be the ‘Mantra’ this year if you still haven’t optimized your website for mobile then you are making a serious mistake and damaging your business. Mobile users don’t wait too long for website to get downloaded. It’s really surprising even with significant market growth lots of big companies yet to optimize their websites for mobile.

We are giving you some reasons that would explain to you that why having a mobile optimized website is a must.

mobile users

Mobile users aren’t desktop users: Mobile internet browsing demographic is different from desktop surfers. In simple words mobile users need the content quickly and easily. Interesting trivia about mobile users is they are impulse buyers they tend to shop more than desktop users. Optimizing website for mobile will complete the need of users of that media.

mobile traffic

Greater Traffic: Mobile users in India are increasing at the tremendous speed. With better connections like 3G and emergence of 4G people will make mobile internet marketing more crucial. It’s not a surprise that large section of Indian demographic using mobiles as their primary device to search internet.

continuty mobile conversion

Continuity: Mobile website creates a seamless continuity from desktop to mobile. It helps to build up effective brand identity. Browsing desktop website on mobile is a cumbersome task. and if you website is not optimized for mobile then it surely going to look dated for today’s age and you will lose your potential customer.

mobile conversion

Conversions: Mobile optimized websites can effectively provide call to action button. Desktop website on mobile doesn’t perform as the way we wanted the menu is awkwardly position all the links and buttons. And mobile users are not willing to spend time to have such frustrating experience. Call to action is need to be clear to the customer.

mobile website bounce rate

Low Bounce rate: It’s hard to read content of desktop optimized site on a mobile. If your website doesn’t have standard mobile web browsing actions such as pinch to zoom etc. it won’t stand a chance in the highly competitive market. Beautifully designed and optimized website will make users to spend more time on the site and encourage them to convert visit in the transaction. Longer presence of users on website will reduce bounce rate of website.

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