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The key factor of any marketing campaign is to generate a response from the customer. Traditionally, promoters were bound to wait for months to measure the efficacy of their campaign. In today’s scenario, the entire working of marketing industry is changing. Online marketing emerged as a prominent factor in marketing in recent years. Internet opened many doors for marketers to utilize maximum recourses of marketing. Whole marketing paradigm is shifting rapidly towards online marketing. To measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, companies incorporates analytics services. Analytics bestows comprehensive data about the entire campaign. What is analytics? Analytics is the result of systematic analysis of data, statistics or information. It’s vital to study Analytics to strategize marketing techniques. In the same way promoters and investors conduct Web Analytics to derive the results. What is web analytics? To put in a very simple words, web analytics means measuring the impact of your website on your consumers. Web analytics analyze all the web data to understand the web usage.

Web analytics provide concrete information about your website lead generation such as how many visitors are visiting your website? , how many of them are new? Or how many repeat visitors you are attracting? You can fathom the traces of users to your website and browsing preference. Web analytics are not used to just obtain traffic data to your website. It can utilize as an effective marketing tool also. Web analytic help you to trace from where you got your visitor. Did he clicked a link to reach your website or directly visited to your website? Web Analytics comes handy when you introduce a new marketing campaign. You can retrospect the factors of your advertising campaigns which evoked curiosity in users.

Web Analytics Services in ThaneGEO marketing is also termed as marketing geography; it’s a pivotal aspect of web analytics that is gaining popularity. To elaborate what is GEO Marketing, GEO Marketing utilizes the geographical data acquired from the website to construct and design effective marketing model. There was an old saying that success of any business is based on three things- Location, Location and Location. GEO marketing proves that location is still relevant to succeed in business.

Advantages of Web Analytics :

Traffic: Web analytics help to trace how a user is finding the website, how much time they are spending on your website along with the approximate data about their location. All this information is crucial for your commercial website. If it’s evident that you are generating more traffic from social media sites then it will be profitable to focus on the social media sites.

Customization: Analytics of your websites keep the track of the number of page views .You can also see what pages of your websites are getting maximum user attention. By understanding the user preference you can amplify the elements in which users are interested.

Effective Advertising: Lots of websites need revenue from advertiser to function. Statistical data from web analytics can be used as leverage in front of potential advertisers. High numbers of visitors in statistics can help you to charge more from the advertisements. Data is showing that the huge number of traffic coming from a certain demographic area. Then you can entice advertisers from that area to advertise on your website.

Web analytical data offers you the option to customize your website according to the user interest that will result in a greater number of website traffic for you and will create a better user experience.

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