Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

2014 really showed us what social media is capable of, but experts think 2015 will be the year when we see the full potential of social media marketing. Social media trends of last year clearly indicating the next big thing in social media marketing.

Social media offers the power of real time marketing, but many companies were struggling to pick the right time to target audience in 2014. This year brands needs to concentrate on how to market on right time. Video Content marketing is showing is growing continuously. This does not mean growth in YouTube. Utilization of social media websites for video is also increased and overtaking top video sharing sites. Facebook is no longer an undisputed ruler of social media. Visual sites like Instagram, Pinterest, tublr are rapidly getting popular. And if Facebook reaches its saturation point, then brands will concentrate on other social media platform to target their key demographic.



  • Right time marketing: Instead of concentrating on real time marketing focus on right time marketing. Marketers will focus on sharing right content on the right time than having rapid response. In 2015 companies will concentrate on creating fresh and relevant content.


  • Increase in social media advertising: Brands will shift to paid marketing tactics to make sure content is reaching their targeted demographic. Advertising through social media assure priority to your content.


  • Growth of content marketing: Content creation increased in 2014 and it’s evident that investment in content development is going to get increased. Marketers will also pay close attention on return on investment for their content.


  • Video marketing: Video marketing is still a strong marketing medium and it will continue to grow. But you tube is not the only medium for video marketing anymore Facebook video sharing is also going head to head with Youtube.


  • Shift in social media Paradigm: New types of social media websites are taking over the current market leaders. Visual web is taking over the traditional social media sites. Sites like Instagram are grown tremendously over last two years. Other visual sites like Instagram , tublr, Instagram gained more than 10 million users last year. So Facebook is not the only one to place all your bets on.

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