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With an ever escalating number of mobile phone users and its growing potential for marketing makes it undeniable to question the relevance of SMS marketing in today’s generation. SMS marketing gives opportunity to communicate a large number of demographic in a very economical way. Smartphone’s are proving to be an effective substitute to a PC or a laptop. So it’s only commonsensical to connect with your potential consumer by SMS marketing to communicate and provide awareness. SMS marketing is one of the most immediate channels available; with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes delivery, you can be reassured that your time critical messages will be read almost instantly.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a branch of mobile marketing. As we all know SMS stands for “short message service” a text service which mobile phone provide us and enable us to communicate. SMS also known as SMS marketing services are a marketing model that helps to communicate with a large section of people from an online platform. On a conceptual level, it’s extremely uncomplicated to fathom working of SMS marketing. Effective SMS marketing campaigns should incorporate precise, concise message with a very persuasive approach that will lead consumers to action. Sending personalize messages to consumers enhances the chances of response from consumers.

smsHow to do SMS marketing?

Hire a Marketing Company: Multiple issues may evolve while practicing Mobile SMS marketing. There are many companies which offer bulk messaging services. Marketing companies knows the nerve of the market and they incorporate planned strategies for every business differently. Well planned business strategy will prove effective in the long run. Nonetheless, it would be beneficial to seek services from a well established market player to implement your mobile marketing campaign.

Something to Remember: Many companies practice SMS marketing services. Most of the time people receive number of marketing texts and it’s hard to remember one specific message in the clutter of all the promotional messages. People sometimes forget about the text by the time they put their device in their pocket. Content of your message should evoke interest in consumers. Create a short and precise copy which will grab consumers’ attention. In the highly competitive market it’s essential to leave a strong impact on the consumer’s mind.

How much is too much?: SMS marketing sometime tends to go overboard while implementing an aggressive marketing campaign. It’s crucial to monitor the frequency of your messages. Text from a business that promotes product or services is very different than friends’ text. You should be always conscience about number of message you are sending to the customers. Constant incoming of text can aggravate the consumer. In a similar way not texting regularly will make you slip from your customer’s mind. Achieving effective frequency of messages is the key to the successful SMS marketing service.

Short and Effective: Keep your message tight and to the point. Provide some additional space under the message for consumers to edit and share the messages to their friends and families. It will affect the overall productiveness of your service and also prove beneficial to attract new consumers.

Make it Sugar Coated: Offering new deals or discounts would be extremely beneficial for the business. Promoting some competition to lure the consumers by offering prizes will motivate users to respond enthusiastically.

SMS marketing should also provide opt out option. This will help to build a strong communication network amongst the people who are really interested or looking forward to receive messages from you.

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