SEO and SEM Trends for 2015

Google Updates their algorithms and search engine optimization techniques to offer better results, let’s see what are the SEO trends that going to dominate the virtual world in 2015


Google updates its search algorithm more than 100 times a year. Recently it updated its algorithms such as Penguins, Panda and other. These updates provide more relevant search. After reading this you might want to go ahead and change your Search engine optimization techniques. But you need to hold your horses before doing anything. According to experts, the fundamentals of search engine optimization (white hat SEO) remain the same. Don’t get bothered about Google’s algorithm update. Just try to focus on writing relevant and useful content using the right keywords. Let’s take a look at what are the trends that are going to dominate search engine optimization India.      


Basics are still same:

Fundamentals of any good marketing campaign are still the same. Basic successful SEO depends on On-page SEO and off page SEO. Effective SEO requires both on page and off page SEO.


Importance of Mobile SEO:

It’s a need of an hour to make your website mobile friendly. Google now sends a report to user whether a website is mobile friendly or not. If your website is not mobile friendly then expecting your website to rank higher is futile.


Local Optimization:

Optimization of website for local area will continue in 2015. Small businesses want to dominate the local market; hence they will concentrate on optimization that will be constant with the off page directory listings.


Video Optimization:

Product video leaves a greater impression on the viewers mind. Most of the people make the decision of purchasing something after watching a video about the product. So publishing optimized videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr will get popular. Small businesses can gain get more benefits by implementing this technique.


Optimization of existing content:

It’s highly unlikely that websites will create new content for the new medium. Content which giving them traffic and lead is already exist, so it’s possible that they will concentrate more on optimizing existing content than developing new content that might result ineffective. Hence there will be more focus on content optimization.

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