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What is Search Engine Optimization or what is SEO?

Every time you enter something in search engine, search engine responds with the relevant results to your query. The Search engine provides a list of results highlighting words in your query. A user always tends to visit top most results to search the query. Have you ever wondered? How come search engine determines in which order results should be displayed?

Search engines employ a complex method of recalling the website for any given query in which search engine use crawling method to obtain results. SEO enables website visibility on search engine. SEO improves visibility of your website. The top most results on the search engine always use the search engine optimization technique. Search engine optimization techniques help you to put forward your site in the clutter of millions of web pages. That way SEO helps to attract traffic to your website. Search engines work differently from the how human works search engine finds text driven content.

Search engine always influenced as to how SEO works? Search engines usually incorporate same techniques to search results but there are minor differences between them that affect results. Search engines are finding based on different factors for instance, On Yahoo and Bing on-page keyword are important and for Google concentrate on links. SEO is generally divided into two categories on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Prior to search engine, search engine submission technique was employed to find websites online but due to the search engine’s additional effective ways of crawling a website, using search engine submission is becoming superfluous.SEO Services in Thane, Mumbai, India

On-page SEO: On-page SEO use website to determine the search results. It is highly dependent on the metatags, use of keywords and density of keywords. You have to optimize your text or content according to result oriented keywords. On- page optimization requires an appropriate use of keywords.

Off-page SEO: Off-page optimization is generally based on link building. Off-page optimization needs implementation of link building techniques. It incorporates more promotional method rather than a website. Off-page SEO Link building presents a third party perspective to your website. Useful websites are more likely to get social media mentions and social bookmarking.

Key Advantages of SEO

Higher Ranking: Accurate Search Engine Optimization will rank your website higher which will be converted into greater traffic to your website.

Page Rank: Google determines the webpage’s rank by giving a score between 0 to 10. Google use around 250 factors to conclude website ranking.

Maximum Traffic: Higher ranking website will always be at the top of search results. Top ranking websites get more links, more social media attention and most visits. It overall improves the website exposure. It starts a never-ending loop which can be proved highly beneficial for the website.

How to use SEO for your company: SEO as a theory seems easy to grasp but there are unfathomable complexities that are involved while implementing a result oriented SEO technique. Uses of Keywords, link building techniques and uniqueness of website content are some of the factors that affect the search engine results.

It’s highly recommended to hire a professional SEO company to provide all the SEO solutions for your website. Search engine optimization is already established in India as an industry. It’s necessary to hire an experienced SEO company in India that provides effective professional SEO services. If you are thinking about hiring SEO services in Mumbai hire a knowledge based SEO company in Mumbai. There are multiple reputed companies in Mumbai that offers Search Engine optimization for your website. Companies will mould their strategies and plan according to the client’s specifications.


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