Mobile Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Content marketing is always been a focus of marketers this year trend is going to change from web to mobile. Content marketing for mobile is going to take a big step forward in 2015.


Content marketing is going to create a lot of buzz in 2015.A Lot of marketers are focusing on creating more content than what they used to create couple of years ago. Content marketing was on a priority list or a lot of marketers last year, so it’s evident that content marketing is going to more focused on in coming time.



Personalized Email Marketing:

Hold of E-mail marketing is still strong among marketers and consumers. When we think about Mobile marketing we instantly think of Email marketing. Consumers believe that Emails which they are receiving have relevant experience.


SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is growing tremendously compare to the last couple of years. In India SMS marketing is getting popular due its low cost and wide approach. Users usually get lots of discounts and deals through SMS marketing. Marketers are going to take more advantage of SMS marketing in 2015.


Mobile Responsive Design:

Mobile responsive layout of a website is going to play a pivotal role in 2015. Responsive mobile website is a key component of user experience. Better keep in mind that mobile responsive design goes beyond just a mobile friendly website. It needs to provide a complete mobile optimized experience.


Social media Optimization for mobile:

Social media is an excellent platform to track and interact with potential consumers. Social media websites provide liberty of communicating with consumers in real time. Marketers are concentrating on utilizing all the aspects of marketing funnel hence content on social media networking sites is going to get expand.


Cross channel integration:

Consumers are using mobile devices for online product research. Effective content marketing can provide right information at the right time. Mobile content marketing is utilizing multiple marketing channels such as Email marketing, Direct mail. With the increasing numbers of handheld devices, marketers are looking for focusing on mobile devices.

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