How web analytics can lead you to success

benefits of web analytics

Google analytic is a free of cost web tool, which is utilized to track information that explain user interaction on your site whenever you are planning a search engine optimization campaign Google analytics will help you to measure the performance to have an effective SEO campaign. This tool will provide comprehensive information about multiple aspects of how your website is generating traffic and which keywords are generating more traffic and proving beneficial for your website.

Benefits of Google Analytic
Primarily it’s completely free of cost. Even though it’s a free tool, however still it’s as functional as any paid analytic tool available in the market. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say Google analytics is monopolizing the market due it its high functionality and integrated result generation.

Google analytics allows you to locate your website visitors. It also offers you to determine the affectivity of your main keywords as well as suggest you the other phrases and keywords people using to visit your website. At the initial stage of your SEO campaign, there might be low keyword density, but as you go further with your campaign, you will get more keywords listed as natural keywords.

google analytics

Analytics tool will help you comprehend which pages and links visitors prefer. Therefore, you will get to know which are the popular pages and links of your website. Also retrospect your optimization module is leading any traffic to your website.

You can understand how many first time visitors your are attracting because of your search engine optimization campaign. You can get the Google analytic option of geography and referral sources.

You can fine-tune your website with this analytic report you can make the necessary changes that will give you an overall diagnosis if you do a copywriting on any page which is not converting as per your requirements and needs then by converting It you are making all the necessary changes for making sure website progress.

Google analytics is not only collects data from Google, it also generate data from other search engines such as yahoo, Bing and Msn.

With Google Analytics, other than collecting data about traffic from Google, you will also be able to collect data traffic from MSN and Yahoo! search results with reverence for your site and use it to reinforce your stronghold on the search platform.

We highlight that it crucial for every business to analyze in the detailed behavior of the converting visitors. This comprises keeping a catalogue of multiple visits from the same user. Therefore, it also provides you comprehensive information about the who visited your site due to your SEO campaign but also how that visit turn onto conversion.

The Page analysis: page analysis provides you comprehensive data about the landing pages visitors most likely to visit. Which pages are essential for conversion and which pages they are more likely to exit. You can easily contemplate the vitality of the pages.

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