How to Develop a Mobile Friendly Website


mobile friendly website

 Growth of Smartphone is on the verge of overtaking the desktop screens, this is just a start, and the number is going to get much bigger as time passes. Phones are the preferred device for users to send Emails, connect to social media and internet browsing. People are purchasing products online. So let us see what is mobile optimized really is.

What is responsive Website

Give Response: Comprise responsive technology framework. Responsive framework is the easiest method to make responsive layout. The Grid based layout would help your website to complement any screen size efficiently. Then it does not matter its desktop monitor, tablet or phone.

Evolution of website


Take Advantage of Evolution: We evolved with opposable thumb for a reason, is to navigate with only one finger. Pinching screen was great while it lasted, but we are discussing about websites here. Everything on it should be clear and readable for users. Stop being cruel, do not the strain eyes of your readers. Furthermore, Make your target screen easily selectable and take precautionary measure to avoid those dreadful accidental taps.


Keep it Simple: A simple design and accurate copy provide exceptional usability. Always bear in mind you have a limited time to convey your message to your customer and it becomes immensely pivotal when you are designing a website for the mobile. Loading up your website with multiple graphics and videos may enhance the cosmetic look of the website but it may harm the functionality. Use images with lighter size it helps immensely to cut down the page load up time.

Website content

Focused Content: Always remember you are developing a website for mobile .apart from it you have a confined space that, you have to make functional, attractive and put up some literature. Don’t just take content off of your desktop website and place it in the mobile website. Take only the points that are crucial for the website and keep it short users are just going to glance through the content anyway if you make bullets it will prove beneficial to make them read.

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