Fonts and Typography Tips for Web

In the web world Font speaks louder than words, let’s see how to utilize fonts effectively on the digital landscape. 


Typography and fonts have a great impact on the overall appearance of website or logo. Designers are utilizing different types of fonts to enhance the user experience. With minimal design approach, many designers are concentrating on taking advantage of an extensive range of types of fonts to elevate the aesthetically value.


Choose Your Typeface:

Every typeface need adjustment when it comes to utilizing it for website or for logo. Select your prefer font at initial stage of web designing, it will help you to keep a specific rhythm in your website. Avoid making any last minute changes they might affect the whole philosophy of the design.


Don’t Forget Word Spacing:

Pay attention to adjusting spacing between text characters as well as words. This becomes more crucial when you are working with free fonts. Free Fonts download on the internet create many problems as fonts are poorly constructed.


Flawless Representation:

Maintain constancy between your fonts. Observe the character individually and look, is it complements the other character and the overall design. Pay attention to the color and shade frequency.


Size Does Matter:

Designing a text based logo is always tricky. Logo needs to be presented as large banners as well as business cards; hence, the visibility and attractiveness of your logo should remain intact despite variation in sizes.



Don’t shy away from trying anything new. Experimenting with new ideas and stylish fonts will surely help you to get out of the monotonous designing approach. You can choose between multiple font styles such as Calligraphy fonts, Handwriting fonts or Hindi font, Tamil fonts to name a few. Indian fonts can prove effective while concentrating local areas.

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