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Email Marketing has always been a significant module for communication. Email marketing ensures an effective business communication. But what is email marketing? Why companies incorporate email marketing for communication? From the inception of modern day internet, companies kick started to utilize internet as a new medium of marketing. Email marketing is employed to build brand loyalty and awareness. To break down the information it will be helpful to look in to the statistics to get an idea where does email marketing stand in today’s marketing world, which is flooded with multiple marketing options.

Many business organizations are apprehensive about the application of Email marketing today. Data from various studies indicated that email marketing is very much relevant and holds a huge potential. Madison Logic Company’s April 2014 report claims 122 billion emails are sent hourly. There are more than 3.2 billion email accounts in the world; more than 95% of online demographic irrespective of their age, location and gender have email accounts. 91 % of online users check their emails every day.Email Marketing

With the mounting number of internet users Indian companies are using Email marketing in India. Email marketing is a form of business communication in order to gain professional benefits, it emphasizes on creating personal relationship between business and the consumer. Email marketing encourages customer locality and repeat business by developing constant contact. Earlier enticing consumers to buy a product or service was a primary objective of an email marketing. Now it’s concentrated on creating personal relationship with the consumer. Sending an update on service or wishing on birthdays is effective to develop identity of a brand.

Why you should choose email marketing for your business?

Effective: Email marketing offers precise return on investment. Email marketing proved second to the search marketing in effect to generate traffic. Majority of people opt for receiving email communication from the company. Company can access all the contacts from email database to promote and update products and services. It creates a firm base of subscribers that can transcend into conversion.

Economical: It’s a very economical marketing module. Email marketing companies cost very little, compare to the other modes of marketing.

Focused: Emails can be focused on the ideal consumers. Companies should target potential consumer to enjoy returns on investment. Concentrated approach to the interested consumers assures conversion.

Planning: You can always retrospect what part of your campaign is working and what is turning to be ineffective. There is a full scope to alter the marketing strategy in order to obtain maximum response from the users.

How to create responsive E-mail marketing service:

Email Marketing: Hire an experienced marketing company which offers email marketing services. Marketing companies can plan out the strategies depending on the consumer needs and requirement. Hiring a professional marketing company ensures definite return on your investment. Benchmark email is very effective while strategizing benchmark for your marketing business.

Design: Design refers to the layout of your email which includes text, images, colors and so on. Use an effective and attractive email template to enhance the mail design. Impact of an email is heavily based on the usage of email newsletter by incorporating beautiful email newsletter templates will help to entice user interest.

Copy: with attractive newsletter templates, writing a relevant and focused copy is always helpful to convey, message effectively. Copy should catchy informative and brief.

• Traffic: marketing should converse into business. To implement effective email marketing campaign your emails should generate traffic. It helps to evaluate effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Email Marketing is vital for countless companies to create customer relationships. Effective implementation of the service will boost your business.

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