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A Smart Analysis of User Behavior

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What is website analysis?

Website analysis is a service which calculates all your online data in a methodical manner to provide statistics about website traffic, source of traffic, conversions and sales. If you own a Website or you are an SEO Campaigner then it’s necessary for you to fathom the functioning of your website. Every Website is created with the motive of spreading awareness or with an expectation of expanding business. To achieve this goal, website analysis assists you to have a complete working of your website, you can concentrate on the factors which are proving to be effective and dissolve those aspects which are not generating any response from the user.

Website analysis also works as a website traffic monitor. Site analysis provides total number of visitors to your website. How many visitors are searching for your websites on search engines, what is the number of visitors who are coming from other websites, exact number of new visitors, ranking of your website in the search engines based on your keyword usage on pages? All this information will help you to review the current standing of your website on the internet. All the data from web traffic analysis helps you to concentrate and stress on the factors that are popular among users and generating traffic. Ex. If you have a food website and its getting more visits because of cooking videos then you should include more cookery videos to your website page.

Website performance analysis provides performance and speed optimization for your website. It helps you to analyze bad sectors in your website which are preventing users from your website. A Website needs to upload quickly or it’s very embarrassing if your website is taking too long to upload. It will make user to give up and look for the other websites. Website performance analysis helps you to find out whether your website is hosted correctly or not.Website Analysis|Galagali Multimedia in Mumbai

Why do you need Website Analysis?

Better Results: Keywords plays a pivotal role in determining your rank on the website. It’s very hard to guess which keyword is working for you and which keyword is not. Because of website analysis, it’s possible to see which keyword is giving you better results. Analysis shows what are the effective keywords and how are they affecting your search engine ranking.

Traffic Generation: If you need to increase your traffic you need to understand the origin of your traffic. Analysis will show you the source of the traffic. Possessing complete knowledge of the quality of your traffic will help you to improve and modify your content accordingly.

Link: Ineffective links in your website can tarnish the image of your website in user minds. It’s highly unprofessional to provide an inactive link to the user. It not only destroys your professional image but also make you lose a potential conversion. Web analytics enables you to check all the external, internal, inbound and outbound links to your website.

Content: Analyst can check your website for original content with effective keywords. It points out irreverent content on your website and provides information about effective keywords. It also provides you the keywords and phrases which are useful for you.

Many companies provide free website analysis by registering to their websites. Keep in mind that free website analysis will not provide you all the comprehensive information you need. There are many big players are already present in the market which provides website analysis for your website.