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Web Hosting Services in Mumbai

We are living in the age of internet wherein we can correspond via online chats or videos, watch movies online, shop online, place food order online and book our air tickets online. Be it on your computer or on your phone we are constantly connected to the internet. It is safe to say that internet became an important element of our daily lives. Internet is expanding tremendously around the globe and as such in India we have millions of internet users. We all like to watch YouTube videos. When we download a video, we find out videos are quite large in size. Ever wondered how they maintain those billions of videos?

Lots of populace has some common misconceptions about the internet as they think that everything that we upload online goes up in the air and starts floating above our heads. It doesn’t work that way there is a whole process called Web hosting that is working behind it.

What is web hosting? Web hosting provides space to websites on the internet. When you want your website to be functional and available to users, you need to upload it with the help of web hosting services. Web hosting services store your website data in a high powered computers also called as web servers which are connected to the speedy network. When a user searches your website online internet connects it to the web server which is storing your website data. Then the web server send that data to the user, so they can visit or surf your website. Web hosting includes many aspects like “Domain”. What is domain? To put in the simplest form, domain is an address of your website on the internet. Domain names are essential to find your website on the internet. In short, you need a domain name to find your website.

Web Hosting|Galagali Multimedia in MumbaiTypes of Web Hosting :

Shared Web Hosting: It’s an easiest and commonly known web hosting service. In this service, one server is shared between many consumers. One of the advantages of this service is it’s a cheap web hosting service. It’s also easier to use as your host company generally take care of all the maintenance and security updates.

Website Builder: Web design builder is an easiest way to build and upload your website online. Site builder provides multiple customizable website templates to create website according to your preference. It includes free domain name and automatically setup account. Website builder is very economical and an easy way to publish your website online.

Dedicated Hosting: It does exactly as it describes itself. Dedicated hosting server serves only your web requirements. You get your own server and all the resources of the server are dedicated to only your use. Dedicated host server is highly customizable and flexible. You are free to choose your desired hardware and software. It gives you full access and control over the server and there is no need to share your server with anyone else.

Cloud Hosting: It’s somehow a middle ground between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. Cloud service is provided by multiple connected severs that creates a cloud network. Rather than provided on single sever or on virtual server. It does share a physical presence with the specially designed virtual pattern. It is the most flexible server which easily adapts to your hardware problems and puts your data to the secure location automatically. Your website will have dedicated resources. In addition, your website will have more resources to utilize than share web hosting.

Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting can allow a company to provide web hosting services to consumers. It usually offers website design and management to the users. Reseller hosting is really cheap and economical which can be useful for entry level entrepreneurs.

Many companies offer web hosting India at affordable prices, according to the consumer needs. Many web hosting sites also provide web hosting services. Windows hosting, wordpress hosting, Linux hosting are some of the few names of web hosting service providers. There are many web development companies which can provide you domains after developing your website.