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Mobile App User Interface Trends 2015



User Interface or UI became an imperative component in Mobile as well as web industry. With technological advancement we are experiencing more evolved mobile designs. This year will introduce some new trends of mobile application design. Some of the popular design trends of last year will also get popular this year. We are predicting trends that we are likely to see in 2015.


Call to Action:

Devices will include blurry background images that will make content more readable and useful. CTA (Call to Action button) garnered much attention in the last year. CTA buttons are impactful when it comes to generating conversion.


Wearable Device:

This category is still very young and finding its way among the consumers, but with all the key players entering in the industry this category is surely going to bloom this year. Smart watches and wearable tech are going to be on the lists of app developers in coming years.


Transaction Between Devices:

There is always been demand from consumer that they want to build up a seamless connection between all the devices. So the data transfer and continue should be effective between all the devices from tablet to wearable gadgets.  Improving efficiency between the multiple devices will be the main focus.



Parallax user interface showed lots of potential last year. The Parallax user interface will provide a seamless user interface and easy navigation. Web and mobile application developers are considering parallax as pivotal design aspect. The Parallax background interface provides stunning visuals and enhances user experience.


Color Scheme:

Minimal and simple design is currently the most popular trend among the designers as well as people. Subtle color scheme in mobile application development delivers an aesthetically modern approach. People are no longer in the mood for ostentatious design. Material design is gaining the popularity and will get more popular for the rest of the year.


Say Bye to Shadows and Hi to Shaded Icons:

Icons are the most important and tricky factors. Changing icon designs drastically in mobile app design might not go well with the users. And old icons give stagnant feeling. Showing shadowy icons were popular but that trend won’t get followed in 2015.


Flat User Interface:

Reducing the number of clicks will surely help to improve the affectivity of an app. Developing user interface design to minimize click will offer better usability. So incorporating a design that requires minimum clicks will provide a better option. Flat design interface with few clicks will surely attract users.

Best 5 Web Designing Trends for 2015

Let’s see what 2015 has in store for the web designing industry and how it will affect the way we browse the internet. 

As technology is evolving, so does our means of communications are also changing. The Web world is dynamic, within a year entire web industry change. Hence, to lure visitors you have to incorporate latest web designing trends. We are giving you top 5 latest web designing trends that will keep you updated with web designing industry.


  • SVG : SVG means Scalable vector design. Vector images are very clear and crisp they are nicely adapted to the screen. SVG illustrations and animations make your website aesthetically beautiful. SVG was a getting popular in 2014 no wonder it’s going to be a hot trend in 2015.


  • Responsive Web Design: Websites are adapting themselves to tablets and smart phones, for a better user experience. This trend is surely going to get bigger in the coming year. It will provide a flawless user interface to new gadgets such as smart watches; smart TV’s to name a few.


  • Dynamic Backgrounds: The trends of our real world always reflect on the virtual world. Web sites are getting rid of stagnant white backgrounds. Web sites are utilizing large image backgrounds for quite some time now. Incorporating Website background images is going to be a soaring trend in the coming year.


  • Interactive user interface: Interactive elements in the website enhance the involvement of the user. They create a memorable and enjoyable experience. Higher level of interactivity makes your website more approachable and exciting to visit.


  • Ghost Buttons: Minimal design is like ‘the style’ of the modern era, from gadgets to mobile operating systems everything is based on minimal design. web page design is also welcoming minimal designing approach. It attracts users attention in a more subtle manner. Ghost buttons or invisible buttons complement big image backgrounds very well.

Websites That Build Your Brand

Web Design Development Services in Thane, Mumbai

Web design and development is a vital instrument to spread awareness and working of a business house. Today we are living in a Google age. Consumer is definitely going to search for the company he might like to obtain more information about. Online absence may generate unimpressed consumer. Having a website assures improvement in online presence. Website helps to generate wider markets for the company and provide opportunities to enlarge business. In this day and age creating effective and professional web site is one of the main concerns of many business houses. Website is proven beneficial for many multinational as well as small scale businesses. Professional website entices furthermore makes easier to communicate with consumer. Website design plays a pivotal role in attracting eye balls towards company website.

Why websites are beneficial for my business?

Impression Does Matter: Professional website design will leave an impression on a visitors mind. So only having a website online won’t fulfill the need. Poorly designed and cumbersome website may leave visitors disenchanted.

Showcase Your Capabilities: Website is a great medium to showcase expertise of companies. It will generate interest in potential consumers. Website plays an important role in giving information about the company in more comprehensive mode.

Low Cost Maintenance: In contrast to the common misconception, web development is very economical and easy to maintain. It only takes a fraction of your advertising budget to develop and run a website. Updating information is also easy for the web developer.

Wide Approach: Internet can connect you to the entire world. Your business can venture into uncharted territory. That assures to help the business expansion and can generate greater profits.Website Design Development|Galagali Multimedia

How to create Website?

Website creation is key process for many online companies. Developing website is categorized in two parts- web designing and web development.

Web Designing: Website should comprise all the aspects of your company. Website user experience and handling can impress or dismay your consumers. Website Designing Company provides web design templates according to your business category. Always try to achieve best website design for your company so it can effortlessly make clients comprehend your company better. For online businesses making a professional website is a most important task. E-commerce website development is a crucial part where design and working of a website both plays critical role. E-commerce website design should be more appealing to consumers. To e-commerce businesses website is the only intermediate for them to connect with clients.

Web Development: To develop an effective website it’s strongly advised to take into service a website development company. Website Development Company will look after 360o web development services. That comprise of creating clean codes for your website which assures to lead all the potential users to your company website. Incorporating professional services of a Web design and development company will help you to generate maximum traffic to your website.

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