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Why you must optimize your Website for Mobile

Going Mobile is seems to be the ‘Mantra’ this year if you still haven’t optimized your website for mobile then you are making a serious mistake and damaging your business. Mobile users don’t wait too long for website to get downloaded. It’s really surprising even with significant market growth lots of big companies yet to optimize their websites for mobile.

We are giving you some reasons that would explain to you that why having a mobile optimized website is a must.

mobile users

Mobile users aren’t desktop users: Mobile internet browsing demographic is different from desktop surfers. In simple words mobile users need the content quickly and easily. Interesting trivia about mobile users is they are impulse buyers they tend to shop more than desktop users. Optimizing website for mobile will complete the need of users of that media.

mobile traffic

Greater Traffic: Mobile users in India are increasing at the tremendous speed. With better connections like 3G and emergence of 4G people will make mobile internet marketing more crucial. It’s not a surprise that large section of Indian demographic using mobiles as their primary device to search internet.

continuty mobile conversion

Continuity: Mobile website creates a seamless continuity from desktop to mobile. It helps to build up effective brand identity. Browsing desktop website on mobile is a cumbersome task. and if you website is not optimized for mobile then it surely going to look dated for today’s age and you will lose your potential customer.

mobile conversion

Conversions: Mobile optimized websites can effectively provide call to action button. Desktop website on mobile doesn’t perform as the way we wanted the menu is awkwardly position all the links and buttons. And mobile users are not willing to spend time to have such frustrating experience. Call to action is need to be clear to the customer.

mobile website bounce rate

Low Bounce rate: It’s hard to read content of desktop optimized site on a mobile. If your website doesn’t have standard mobile web browsing actions such as pinch to zoom etc. it won’t stand a chance in the highly competitive market. Beautifully designed and optimized website will make users to spend more time on the site and encourage them to convert visit in the transaction. Longer presence of users on website will reduce bounce rate of website.

How to Develop a Mobile Friendly Website


mobile friendly website

 Growth of Smartphone is on the verge of overtaking the desktop screens, this is just a start, and the number is going to get much bigger as time passes. Phones are the preferred device for users to send Emails, connect to social media and internet browsing. People are purchasing products online. So let us see what is mobile optimized really is.

What is responsive Website

Give Response: Comprise responsive technology framework. Responsive framework is the easiest method to make responsive layout. The Grid based layout would help your website to complement any screen size efficiently. Then it does not matter its desktop monitor, tablet or phone.

Evolution of website


Take Advantage of Evolution: We evolved with opposable thumb for a reason, is to navigate with only one finger. Pinching screen was great while it lasted, but we are discussing about websites here. Everything on it should be clear and readable for users. Stop being cruel, do not the strain eyes of your readers. Furthermore, Make your target screen easily selectable and take precautionary measure to avoid those dreadful accidental taps.


Keep it Simple: A simple design and accurate copy provide exceptional usability. Always bear in mind you have a limited time to convey your message to your customer and it becomes immensely pivotal when you are designing a website for the mobile. Loading up your website with multiple graphics and videos may enhance the cosmetic look of the website but it may harm the functionality. Use images with lighter size it helps immensely to cut down the page load up time.

Website content

Focused Content: Always remember you are developing a website for mobile .apart from it you have a confined space that, you have to make functional, attractive and put up some literature. Don’t just take content off of your desktop website and place it in the mobile website. Take only the points that are crucial for the website and keep it short users are just going to glance through the content anyway if you make bullets it will prove beneficial to make them read.

Mobile App User Interface Trends 2015



User Interface or UI became an imperative component in Mobile as well as web industry. With technological advancement we are experiencing more evolved mobile designs. This year will introduce some new trends of mobile application design. Some of the popular design trends of last year will also get popular this year. We are predicting trends that we are likely to see in 2015.


Call to Action:

Devices will include blurry background images that will make content more readable and useful. CTA (Call to Action button) garnered much attention in the last year. CTA buttons are impactful when it comes to generating conversion.


Wearable Device:

This category is still very young and finding its way among the consumers, but with all the key players entering in the industry this category is surely going to bloom this year. Smart watches and wearable tech are going to be on the lists of app developers in coming years.


Transaction Between Devices:

There is always been demand from consumer that they want to build up a seamless connection between all the devices. So the data transfer and continue should be effective between all the devices from tablet to wearable gadgets.  Improving efficiency between the multiple devices will be the main focus.



Parallax user interface showed lots of potential last year. The Parallax user interface will provide a seamless user interface and easy navigation. Web and mobile application developers are considering parallax as pivotal design aspect. The Parallax background interface provides stunning visuals and enhances user experience.


Color Scheme:

Minimal and simple design is currently the most popular trend among the designers as well as people. Subtle color scheme in mobile application development delivers an aesthetically modern approach. People are no longer in the mood for ostentatious design. Material design is gaining the popularity and will get more popular for the rest of the year.


Say Bye to Shadows and Hi to Shaded Icons:

Icons are the most important and tricky factors. Changing icon designs drastically in mobile app design might not go well with the users. And old icons give stagnant feeling. Showing shadowy icons were popular but that trend won’t get followed in 2015.


Flat User Interface:

Reducing the number of clicks will surely help to improve the affectivity of an app. Developing user interface design to minimize click will offer better usability. So incorporating a design that requires minimum clicks will provide a better option. Flat design interface with few clicks will surely attract users.

Mobile Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Content marketing is always been a focus of marketers this year trend is going to change from web to mobile. Content marketing for mobile is going to take a big step forward in 2015.


Content marketing is going to create a lot of buzz in 2015.A Lot of marketers are focusing on creating more content than what they used to create couple of years ago. Content marketing was on a priority list or a lot of marketers last year, so it’s evident that content marketing is going to more focused on in coming time.



Personalized Email Marketing:

Hold of E-mail marketing is still strong among marketers and consumers. When we think about Mobile marketing we instantly think of Email marketing. Consumers believe that Emails which they are receiving have relevant experience.


SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is growing tremendously compare to the last couple of years. In India SMS marketing is getting popular due its low cost and wide approach. Users usually get lots of discounts and deals through SMS marketing. Marketers are going to take more advantage of SMS marketing in 2015.


Mobile Responsive Design:

Mobile responsive layout of a website is going to play a pivotal role in 2015. Responsive mobile website is a key component of user experience. Better keep in mind that mobile responsive design goes beyond just a mobile friendly website. It needs to provide a complete mobile optimized experience.


Social media Optimization for mobile:

Social media is an excellent platform to track and interact with potential consumers. Social media websites provide liberty of communicating with consumers in real time. Marketers are concentrating on utilizing all the aspects of marketing funnel hence content on social media networking sites is going to get expand.


Cross channel integration:

Consumers are using mobile devices for online product research. Effective content marketing can provide right information at the right time. Mobile content marketing is utilizing multiple marketing channels such as Email marketing, Direct mail. With the increasing numbers of handheld devices, marketers are looking for focusing on mobile devices.

How important is mobile optimized website for your business?

Mobile Website|Galagali Multimedia in Thane

Due to the technical succession, website is no longer restricted to Desktop computers. Era of smart phones has placed internet in our hands. People are using their Smartphone’s as a primary device for browsing internet. According to Emarketer, more than a 1.50 million people are using smart phones globally. India is one of the most technologically adaptable country and has third largest Smartphone user base with 117 million users. Not only youngsters but professionals are also using mobile devices for online usage. Ratio of PC selling compared to Smartphone is 1:4. Smartphone’s are selling four times more than PC’s. The statistical data clearly indicated that it’s a need of the hour to take the company’s website from PC to handheld device.

Along with the Smartphone market, tablet market is also expanding. These handheld devices changed the way we used to perceive and interact with websites. Handheld devices such as Smart phones and tablets allow users to tap and interact with your website. In order to cater the requisites, it’s essential to develop a responsive website with an effective responsive design.

mob.websiteHow mobile website optimization can benefit you?

Enhanced User Experience: Browsing a desktop website on a Smartphone is cumbersome and frustrating. Smartphone or tablet optimized website improves user experience and user satisfaction.
Swift Connection: Mobile optimized websites are specially designed to run on the mobile internet connection. Even with a low net speed mobile optimized website can connect easily.
Improve Identity: Mobile website quickly makes your company stand out in the flood of market competition. It helps to create company image as a progressive and fast track establishment. It makes an optimistic statement about the approach of your company.
On The Go Connectivity: A huge advantage of a mobile website that it is accessible from anywhere. Number of users who use handheld devices for browsing the internet can connect with company website on the go. It provides tremendous opportunities of constant connection with people.
Edge Over Competition: If your mobile website looks shabby and unusable on Smartphone, people will move on to the other company with a better mobile website. Due to lack of mobile optimized website, you might lose to other companies.

Mobile website development is a key to reach out to the people and to excel in the competitive market. There are various aspects that need to be considered in developing mobile website. Mobile website should have a character of your company’s main website but it should not feel like a shrunk version of a full size website. A Poorly designed website is often a turn off for many online users. That’s why there is a need of mobile web development with responsive designs. Usually many entrepreneurs wonder over how to create mobile website? Mobile Web Site Developing Company codes your website to suit the desired online platform. Choose from multiple options of responsive website templates to create the best website to suit the demands of your business.

Mobile website creates opportunities for mobile advertising which requires mobile optimized integration of content. Mobile websites are no longer a gimmick or a fancy fad. Many multinational companies and local industries already have mobile optimized websites and consider it significant for the business.