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Mobile App User Interface Trends 2015



User Interface or UI became an imperative component in Mobile as well as web industry. With technological advancement we are experiencing more evolved mobile designs. This year will introduce some new trends of mobile application design. Some of the popular design trends of last year will also get popular this year. We are predicting trends that we are likely to see in 2015.


Call to Action:

Devices will include blurry background images that will make content more readable and useful. CTA (Call to Action button) garnered much attention in the last year. CTA buttons are impactful when it comes to generating conversion.


Wearable Device:

This category is still very young and finding its way among the consumers, but with all the key players entering in the industry this category is surely going to bloom this year. Smart watches and wearable tech are going to be on the lists of app developers in coming years.


Transaction Between Devices:

There is always been demand from consumer that they want to build up a seamless connection between all the devices. So the data transfer and continue should be effective between all the devices from tablet to wearable gadgets.  Improving efficiency between the multiple devices will be the main focus.



Parallax user interface showed lots of potential last year. The Parallax user interface will provide a seamless user interface and easy navigation. Web and mobile application developers are considering parallax as pivotal design aspect. The Parallax background interface provides stunning visuals and enhances user experience.


Color Scheme:

Minimal and simple design is currently the most popular trend among the designers as well as people. Subtle color scheme in mobile application development delivers an aesthetically modern approach. People are no longer in the mood for ostentatious design. Material design is gaining the popularity and will get more popular for the rest of the year.


Say Bye to Shadows and Hi to Shaded Icons:

Icons are the most important and tricky factors. Changing icon designs drastically in mobile app design might not go well with the users. And old icons give stagnant feeling. Showing shadowy icons were popular but that trend won’t get followed in 2015.


Flat User Interface:

Reducing the number of clicks will surely help to improve the affectivity of an app. Developing user interface design to minimize click will offer better usability. So incorporating a design that requires minimum clicks will provide a better option. Flat design interface with few clicks will surely attract users.

Fonts and Typography Tips for Web

In the web world Font speaks louder than words, let’s see how to utilize fonts effectively on the digital landscape. 


Typography and fonts have a great impact on the overall appearance of website or logo. Designers are utilizing different types of fonts to enhance the user experience. With minimal design approach, many designers are concentrating on taking advantage of an extensive range of types of fonts to elevate the aesthetically value.


Choose Your Typeface:

Every typeface need adjustment when it comes to utilizing it for website or for logo. Select your prefer font at initial stage of web designing, it will help you to keep a specific rhythm in your website. Avoid making any last minute changes they might affect the whole philosophy of the design.


Don’t Forget Word Spacing:

Pay attention to adjusting spacing between text characters as well as words. This becomes more crucial when you are working with free fonts. Free Fonts download on the internet create many problems as fonts are poorly constructed.


Flawless Representation:

Maintain constancy between your fonts. Observe the character individually and look, is it complements the other character and the overall design. Pay attention to the color and shade frequency.


Size Does Matter:

Designing a text based logo is always tricky. Logo needs to be presented as large banners as well as business cards; hence, the visibility and attractiveness of your logo should remain intact despite variation in sizes.



Don’t shy away from trying anything new. Experimenting with new ideas and stylish fonts will surely help you to get out of the monotonous designing approach. You can choose between multiple font styles such as Calligraphy fonts, Handwriting fonts or Hindi font, Tamil fonts to name a few. Indian fonts can prove effective while concentrating local areas.

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for 2015

At the start of this year, let’s focus on the graphic design trends that going to dominate 2015. These are one of the top trends that showed lots of potential last year.


  • Flat Design: Flat design is a minimalistic design approach that is getting widely popular in multiple platforms. Our popular mobile operating systems are utilizing flat designs. This form of design approach has features like clean and open space.  Generally utilize two dimensional illustrations with flat colors. Flat design emphasis on usability and simplicity.



  • Grid Layout: Grids are like invisible agents that are holding your designs together. Designers who are already have a background of Art College have an idea of what grid layout is. Grid design is getting popular and utilized for creating logos. They offer rhythm and meter to the design. It provides a very methodological approach to the whole graphic designing process.



  • Fonts and Typography: Utilization exclusive fonts and typography offer a distinctive feature to the graphic designing. Custom fonts are very helpful in establishing company branding. Handwriting fonts mix and match fonts can provide an interesting contrast in your illustrations and this trend of graphic designing is expected to grow in 2015.



  • Bright Color Palette: We all comprehend what is the importance of color in graphic design. The Digital color palate is much more evolved. Pastel colors are gaining popularity with the emergence of flat design. Pastel color palate utilizes many variations of a color shade. These less saturated colors offer a soothing experience to the viewer.



  • Single Shade Color: Rather than going with multiple colors. Multiple variations of a single shade are being used. This enhances the brand identity; this technique is very effective in multiple medium to make your brand more recognizable.

Giving Shape to Ideas


As every day we see advertisements on newspapers, billboards and banners, Graphic Designing plays a vital role in today’s advertising world. Graphic designing is a highly skilled work which represents words and shapes in a gentle harmony. Besides, it achieves and give aesthetical value to company’s identity. Graphic designers use word, images and symbols as a visual representation to convey message and ideas in graphic design. Various aspects of graphic designing include use of typography, visual arts and layout design to achieve excellence of designing. Graphic designing is usually related with logo design and to establish create brand identity. Company’s entire visual representation in consumer’s eyes is determined by aspects of imagery company portrays in front of people.

Graphic designing comprises of creating news paper advertisements, magazine advertisement, billboard advertisement and most of the print designing representation. Graphic designs and creative design are used to create company brochure design, logo design, catalogue design, and letter head design.

graphic-designLogo design is the most important aspect for a company; company logos reflects the personality of a company. In the lay man’s term, Logo is a face of a company. Logos are developed to capture the psyche of the consumers. A company logo leaves a long term impression in people’s mind due to its visual representation than just a simple name. Thus company logo design is a mammoth task, logo should represent the company identity and at the same time logo has to make a long lasting impression that can help consumers to associate with company. Question arises that How to design a logo? Logo should combine typography, imagery, colors and company name in a cohesive way.

How a well designed logo will help your company in a constructive way?

Creating Image: Market is swamped with logos. It’s a must to create unique identity in highly competitive market which will help consumer to identify your company from others.
Foundation of Consumer Loyalty: Creating an image and maintaining is a hard task. Putting logo in consumer’s mind by repetition will amplify consumer’s familiarity with the product. Familiarity is an answer to expand business. That will results in consumer’s loyalty or brand loyalty.
Most Effective Marketing Instrument: With a strategic planning and marketing logo becomes sole selling pointy of product or services. Companies are often followed by loyal consumers. Only an image of a logo is sufficient to communicate with consumers.

Choose between a wide array of logo design ideas. It will help to attain the desired logo. Creative brochure design can be made by using attractive brochure design templates, Company letter head design and well designed stationary further takes the visual synchronization of logo or brand. Logo design templates and Logo design Software can be utilized to choose between desired brochure designs. Logo Designing software, coral draw and illustrator are some of the many examples of software that can be utilized to for Graphic Designing.