Best 5 Web Designing Trends for 2015

Let’s see what 2015 has in store for the web designing industry and how it will affect the way we browse the internet. 

As technology is evolving, so does our means of communications are also changing. The Web world is dynamic, within a year entire web industry change. Hence, to lure visitors you have to incorporate latest web designing trends. We are giving you top 5 latest web designing trends that will keep you updated with web designing industry.


  • SVG : SVG means Scalable vector design. Vector images are very clear and crisp they are nicely adapted to the screen. SVG illustrations and animations make your website aesthetically beautiful. SVG was a getting popular in 2014 no wonder it’s going to be a hot trend in 2015.


  • Responsive Web Design: Websites are adapting themselves to tablets and smart phones, for a better user experience. This trend is surely going to get bigger in the coming year. It will provide a flawless user interface to new gadgets such as smart watches; smart TV’s to name a few.


  • Dynamic Backgrounds: The trends of our real world always reflect on the virtual world. Web sites are getting rid of stagnant white backgrounds. Web sites are utilizing large image backgrounds for quite some time now. Incorporating Website background images is going to be a soaring trend in the coming year.


  • Interactive user interface: Interactive elements in the website enhance the involvement of the user. They create a memorable and enjoyable experience. Higher level of interactivity makes your website more approachable and exciting to visit.


  • Ghost Buttons: Minimal design is like ‘the style’ of the modern era, from gadgets to mobile operating systems everything is based on minimal design. web page design is also welcoming minimal designing approach. It attracts users attention in a more subtle manner. Ghost buttons or invisible buttons complement big image backgrounds very well.

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