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Your Business + SMS Marketing = Success!

SMS Marketing | Galagali Multimedia

With an ever escalating number of mobile phone users and its growing potential for marketing makes it undeniable to question the relevance of SMS marketing in today’s generation. SMS marketing gives opportunity to communicate a large number of demographic in a very economical way. Smartphone’s are proving to be an effective substitute to a PC or a laptop. So it’s only commonsensical to connect with your potential consumer by SMS marketing to communicate and provide awareness. SMS marketing is one of the most immediate channels available; with a read rate of 97% within 15 minutes delivery, you can be reassured that your time critical messages will be read almost instantly.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a branch of mobile marketing. As we all know SMS stands for “short message service” a text service which mobile phone provide us and enable us to communicate. SMS also known as SMS marketing services are a marketing model that helps to communicate with a large section of people from an online platform. On a conceptual level, it’s extremely uncomplicated to fathom working of SMS marketing. Effective SMS marketing campaigns should incorporate precise, concise message with a very persuasive approach that will lead consumers to action. Sending personalize messages to consumers enhances the chances of response from consumers.

smsHow to do SMS marketing?

Hire a Marketing Company: Multiple issues may evolve while practicing Mobile SMS marketing. There are many companies which offer bulk messaging services. Marketing companies knows the nerve of the market and they incorporate planned strategies for every business differently. Well planned business strategy will prove effective in the long run. Nonetheless, it would be beneficial to seek services from a well established market player to implement your mobile marketing campaign.

Something to Remember: Many companies practice SMS marketing services. Most of the time people receive number of marketing texts and it’s hard to remember one specific message in the clutter of all the promotional messages. People sometimes forget about the text by the time they put their device in their pocket. Content of your message should evoke interest in consumers. Create a short and precise copy which will grab consumers’ attention. In the highly competitive market it’s essential to leave a strong impact on the consumer’s mind.

How much is too much?: SMS marketing sometime tends to go overboard while implementing an aggressive marketing campaign. It’s crucial to monitor the frequency of your messages. Text from a business that promotes product or services is very different than friends’ text. You should be always conscience about number of message you are sending to the customers. Constant incoming of text can aggravate the consumer. In a similar way not texting regularly will make you slip from your customer’s mind. Achieving effective frequency of messages is the key to the successful SMS marketing service.

Short and Effective: Keep your message tight and to the point. Provide some additional space under the message for consumers to edit and share the messages to their friends and families. It will affect the overall productiveness of your service and also prove beneficial to attract new consumers.

Make it Sugar Coated: Offering new deals or discounts would be extremely beneficial for the business. Promoting some competition to lure the consumers by offering prizes will motivate users to respond enthusiastically.

SMS marketing should also provide opt out option. This will help to build a strong communication network amongst the people who are really interested or looking forward to receive messages from you.

Turning Clicks into Revenue

Pay Per Click|Galagali Multimedia

Pay Per Click is also known as cost per click. Pay per click or (PPC) is an online marketing tool which is incorporated to attract traffic to the company website. Most of the people question as to what is PPC? Pay per click is very simple to understand marketing module which is well established in India. It’s an online advertising format which places your company advertisement methodically on a search engine result page. Essence of ppc advertising is that you only have to pay for your ad when it gets clicked. You must comprehend the advantages and returns of PPC services. Here’s a quick help guide for you to decide whether Pay per click marketing is right for you.

Keyword for Success: Keyword research is a significant element of Pay per click marketing. Accurate keywords are like freeways which connects users to your website. With the lack of correct keywords users won’t be able to find your advertisement which will transcend in lower traffic numbers. In order to get maximum traffic to your website PPC Services provider has to incorporate relevant keywords.PPC

Speedy Outcome: PPC is proven to be one of the most fast paced advertising modules. It gives results instantly and investors don’t need to wait for months to get a report to know the outcome of their investment. Pay per click advertisement will go online as soon as you initiate your campaign.

Adaptable Service: paid to click services are very flexible in nature. It gives you total control to strategize and modify your advertisement to meet the needs of your business. You can choose season or particular days and keywords to manipulate the placement of your advertisement.

In your Budget: One of the most essential aspects of marketing which pay per click fulfills completely is being a cost effective service. Every investor needs a reasonable investment which bears low risk probability. You can set your daily or seasonal budget. You get to decide for which keywords you want to pay to increase your traffic and manage your marketing goals.

Result Oriented: Benefit of PPC management is you only need to pay when someone clicks an advertisement of your company. There is no cost for maintaining an advertisement on a web. In common words, you are creating brand awareness for free.

Choose your Demographic: Pay per click sites enables you to market your advertisement to your target audience. Targeting is based on language, location, and age. It allows you to concentrate on those users who are going to transcend a click into business.

While Pay per Click is a very healthy and economical investment but it’s an investment none the less. Idle advertisement won’t serve any purpose even if they are not causing loss. Investor should not undermine the need of experienced and expert PPC Management Company.

An experienced and professional PPC management company has Employees with PPC training. Pay per click jobs are very difficult to comprehend for an amateur organization. There are many complexities and loose ends of the business which can be handled by a qualified PPC service provider only.

How important is mobile optimized website for your business?

Mobile Website|Galagali Multimedia in Thane

Due to the technical succession, website is no longer restricted to Desktop computers. Era of smart phones has placed internet in our hands. People are using their Smartphone’s as a primary device for browsing internet. According to Emarketer, more than a 1.50 million people are using smart phones globally. India is one of the most technologically adaptable country and has third largest Smartphone user base with 117 million users. Not only youngsters but professionals are also using mobile devices for online usage. Ratio of PC selling compared to Smartphone is 1:4. Smartphone’s are selling four times more than PC’s. The statistical data clearly indicated that it’s a need of the hour to take the company’s website from PC to handheld device.

Along with the Smartphone market, tablet market is also expanding. These handheld devices changed the way we used to perceive and interact with websites. Handheld devices such as Smart phones and tablets allow users to tap and interact with your website. In order to cater the requisites, it’s essential to develop a responsive website with an effective responsive design.

mob.websiteHow mobile website optimization can benefit you?

Enhanced User Experience: Browsing a desktop website on a Smartphone is cumbersome and frustrating. Smartphone or tablet optimized website improves user experience and user satisfaction.
Swift Connection: Mobile optimized websites are specially designed to run on the mobile internet connection. Even with a low net speed mobile optimized website can connect easily.
Improve Identity: Mobile website quickly makes your company stand out in the flood of market competition. It helps to create company image as a progressive and fast track establishment. It makes an optimistic statement about the approach of your company.
On The Go Connectivity: A huge advantage of a mobile website that it is accessible from anywhere. Number of users who use handheld devices for browsing the internet can connect with company website on the go. It provides tremendous opportunities of constant connection with people.
Edge Over Competition: If your mobile website looks shabby and unusable on Smartphone, people will move on to the other company with a better mobile website. Due to lack of mobile optimized website, you might lose to other companies.

Mobile website development is a key to reach out to the people and to excel in the competitive market. There are various aspects that need to be considered in developing mobile website. Mobile website should have a character of your company’s main website but it should not feel like a shrunk version of a full size website. A Poorly designed website is often a turn off for many online users. That’s why there is a need of mobile web development with responsive designs. Usually many entrepreneurs wonder over how to create mobile website? Mobile Web Site Developing Company codes your website to suit the desired online platform. Choose from multiple options of responsive website templates to create the best website to suit the demands of your business.

Mobile website creates opportunities for mobile advertising which requires mobile optimized integration of content. Mobile websites are no longer a gimmick or a fancy fad. Many multinational companies and local industries already have mobile optimized websites and consider it significant for the business.

Giving Shape to Ideas


As every day we see advertisements on newspapers, billboards and banners, Graphic Designing plays a vital role in today’s advertising world. Graphic designing is a highly skilled work which represents words and shapes in a gentle harmony. Besides, it achieves and give aesthetical value to company’s identity. Graphic designers use word, images and symbols as a visual representation to convey message and ideas in graphic design. Various aspects of graphic designing include use of typography, visual arts and layout design to achieve excellence of designing. Graphic designing is usually related with logo design and to establish create brand identity. Company’s entire visual representation in consumer’s eyes is determined by aspects of imagery company portrays in front of people.

Graphic designing comprises of creating news paper advertisements, magazine advertisement, billboard advertisement and most of the print designing representation. Graphic designs and creative design are used to create company brochure design, logo design, catalogue design, and letter head design.

graphic-designLogo design is the most important aspect for a company; company logos reflects the personality of a company. In the lay man’s term, Logo is a face of a company. Logos are developed to capture the psyche of the consumers. A company logo leaves a long term impression in people’s mind due to its visual representation than just a simple name. Thus company logo design is a mammoth task, logo should represent the company identity and at the same time logo has to make a long lasting impression that can help consumers to associate with company. Question arises that How to design a logo? Logo should combine typography, imagery, colors and company name in a cohesive way.

How a well designed logo will help your company in a constructive way?

Creating Image: Market is swamped with logos. It’s a must to create unique identity in highly competitive market which will help consumer to identify your company from others.
Foundation of Consumer Loyalty: Creating an image and maintaining is a hard task. Putting logo in consumer’s mind by repetition will amplify consumer’s familiarity with the product. Familiarity is an answer to expand business. That will results in consumer’s loyalty or brand loyalty.
Most Effective Marketing Instrument: With a strategic planning and marketing logo becomes sole selling pointy of product or services. Companies are often followed by loyal consumers. Only an image of a logo is sufficient to communicate with consumers.

Choose between a wide array of logo design ideas. It will help to attain the desired logo. Creative brochure design can be made by using attractive brochure design templates, Company letter head design and well designed stationary further takes the visual synchronization of logo or brand. Logo design templates and Logo design Software can be utilized to choose between desired brochure designs. Logo Designing software, coral draw and illustrator are some of the many examples of software that can be utilized to for Graphic Designing.


A Combination of Visual Artistry and Integrated Sound

Flash Website|Galagali Multimedia in Mumbai


Long gone the days when web used to be static. With the augment of flash, it changed the entire web market and is continuously doing so. Learn how you can use flash website for accomplishing your business.
Adobe flash is a leading multimedia platform which is used by web designers. It enables flash designer to add video and animation to web pages. Flash website allows users to interact with the website. Earlier websites used to be text based and static. Flash changed the web world by granting interactivity. Because of flash we have higher level of web interactivity online. Flash has number of benefits as it changed the entire experience of web for the whole world. Flash website bestows better user experience to the user with high interactivity to entice the user to explore website further. Flash is used extensively to develop websites, web based games, animation and ads.

Why having a flash website is an added advantage:

Make Website Eye-Catching: Earlier website used to have text and images. Because of flash websites, web developer can incorporate videos, animation and various digital contents. No doubt, Flash enhance the aesthetical value of website.

Attract Traffic: Flash based website attract more users than text based website. Like to visit and revisit an interactive website that provides sense of novelty to its users. People spend more time on the flash website watching videos and enjoying digital media rather than reading and watching static text and images. A large number of visitors will help your website generate traffic.

Uniqueness: Flash presents website in many ways. Offer a quick tour of your website or a slide show. There are number of ways to project your website that will add an element of uniqueness to your website and impress your users.

Highly Economical: Flash websites look rich and classy but are very economical to develop. Flash Website Design Company can develop you flash website in very inexpensive way. Though investment is small in flash website but they have huge returns.

No Boundaries: Flash content or flash website can be viewed and downloaded on any known browser. Small installation of flash player will enable every browser to run flash content seamlessly.

Smartphone Support: Flash is supported by majority of smart phones in the market. This connects consumers to visit your website on the move. Amiably designed Smartphone flash website will impress users.

Flash Advertising : Flash banner ads are economical to create and there is no need to panic over what is flash banner? How to create flash banner? Flash content is employed extensively for advertising on websites. A flash banner is a popular form of advertising among investors to lead traffic to their websites. Flash banner ads are cheap to create and prove to be efficient in attracting lead.

In ad infinitum dynamic market, Flash website will help you generate traffic to your website in a long run.

How to make a flash website?Flash Website Services
Universal advertising is a reputed and hard working flash Web Design Company. Our company has expertise in developing flash content and websites. Besides, we provide all the flash and web related solutions. We offer wide array of flash website templates. To help you choose your desired flash website templates.

Our flash designs are powered by audio, video and 3D graphics. We integrate all the aspects of flash to develop an aesthetical multimedia experience to users. We have a team of experienced and hardworking designers and also hold extensive portfolio of satisfied clients.

Increase your Sales by Email Marketing Funnel

Email Marketing|Galagali Multimedia


Email Marketing has always been a significant module for communication. Email marketing ensures an effective business communication. But what is email marketing? Why companies incorporate email marketing for communication? From the inception of modern day internet, companies kick started to utilize internet as a new medium of marketing. Email marketing is employed to build brand loyalty and awareness. To break down the information it will be helpful to look in to the statistics to get an idea where does email marketing stand in today’s marketing world, which is flooded with multiple marketing options.

Many business organizations are apprehensive about the application of Email marketing today. Data from various studies indicated that email marketing is very much relevant and holds a huge potential. Madison Logic Company’s April 2014 report claims 122 billion emails are sent hourly. There are more than 3.2 billion email accounts in the world; more than 95% of online demographic irrespective of their age, location and gender have email accounts. 91 % of online users check their emails every day.Email Marketing

With the mounting number of internet users Indian companies are using Email marketing in India. Email marketing is a form of business communication in order to gain professional benefits, it emphasizes on creating personal relationship between business and the consumer. Email marketing encourages customer locality and repeat business by developing constant contact. Earlier enticing consumers to buy a product or service was a primary objective of an email marketing. Now it’s concentrated on creating personal relationship with the consumer. Sending an update on service or wishing on birthdays is effective to develop identity of a brand.

Why you should choose email marketing for your business?

Effective: Email marketing offers precise return on investment. Email marketing proved second to the search marketing in effect to generate traffic. Majority of people opt for receiving email communication from the company. Company can access all the contacts from email database to promote and update products and services. It creates a firm base of subscribers that can transcend into conversion.

Economical: It’s a very economical marketing module. Email marketing companies cost very little, compare to the other modes of marketing.

Focused: Emails can be focused on the ideal consumers. Companies should target potential consumer to enjoy returns on investment. Concentrated approach to the interested consumers assures conversion.

Planning: You can always retrospect what part of your campaign is working and what is turning to be ineffective. There is a full scope to alter the marketing strategy in order to obtain maximum response from the users.

How to create responsive E-mail marketing service:

Email Marketing: Hire an experienced marketing company which offers email marketing services. Marketing companies can plan out the strategies depending on the consumer needs and requirement. Hiring a professional marketing company ensures definite return on your investment. Benchmark email is very effective while strategizing benchmark for your marketing business.

Design: Design refers to the layout of your email which includes text, images, colors and so on. Use an effective and attractive email template to enhance the mail design. Impact of an email is heavily based on the usage of email newsletter by incorporating beautiful email newsletter templates will help to entice user interest.

Copy: with attractive newsletter templates, writing a relevant and focused copy is always helpful to convey, message effectively. Copy should catchy informative and brief.

• Traffic: marketing should converse into business. To implement effective email marketing campaign your emails should generate traffic. It helps to evaluate effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Email Marketing is vital for countless companies to create customer relationships. Effective implementation of the service will boost your business.

Integrating Essence of your organization

CD-Presentation|Galagali Multimedia


Utility of CD Presentation:
A large number of corporate houses and enterprisers are incorporating CD presentation as an effective marketing tool. CD presentation provides with ample amount of solution for your prospective consumer. It uses engaging and interacting content to set up resourceful cosmmunication with the consumers. It provides comprehensive information about business and services in a methodical and compact manner. CD presentation makes all the information uncomplicated to access and processed. It’s extremely time-saving and gives brief insight to the company information which helps consumer to explore more about the company by visiting your website. CD presentation incorporates CD-ROM that facilitates interactive content.

Design, content and delivery are the key points of any successful presentations.ppt slides should contain proper ratio of content and design. ppt design should be agreeable and cohesive with the content. It’s a great asset while demonstrating multimedia presentation topics.

How to create Multimedia CD presentation

Multimedia presentation is different from regular presentation document. Multimedia presentation contains Videos, Audio (Sound bites, Background music or voice over) and Animation.

Multimedia CD-ROM stores wide amount of data. Multimedia presentation topics can include company information, company prospectus, brochures, product description etc. Educational institutes can use Multimedia CD to create tutorial’s for students. The best advantage is that you can leave your competitors behind.

Multimedia CD-ROM presentation doesn’t need internet connectivity to access presentation. Compact design helps to assure the effectual distribution. Ample amount of data storage is possible on Multimedia CD that includes music or graphic intense animation. Expands brand reach beyond website, TV Ad, brochures etc.CD Cover|Brochure|Galagali Multimedia

Two of the most used presentation platforms are Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Flash.

• Flash Presentation: Flash presentation software has a powerful video compressive technology that enables to use flash animations. Flash can publish your presentation online directly.

• Microsoft Power Point: Most popular and highly acknowledged ppt presentation software. It is used by several corporate houses and financial sector as default Presentation software. PowerPoint presentations slides provide PowerPoint presentation templates.

Multimedia presentations saved our time and stack of paper work by using ppt templates. It provides more appealing impact than simple text based presentation.

We at Galagali Multimedia provides solution for all yours presentation needs. Presentations can be either provoking asset or can be a dreadful disaster. Well- designed and professional presentations determine your attitude towards business. Presentations are the key factors to create new strategies and business development. Presentation needs to be exact and to the point giving enough emphasis on the crucial points of business.
We create business plan ppt by employing Professional ppt templates. We have wide variety of professional PowerPoint presentation templates. Well constructed and interactive presentations about your business website can amplify leads to your website. We guarantee to help you generate greater number of visitors for your website. If you would like to know us more please visit our extensive portfolio.

A World beyond Entertainment

Animation|Galagali Multimedia


In the previous years, there was a common misconception that the only use of animation is to create cartoons and drawings. With the introduction of new technology and computer graphics, industry got matured. Due to the photo realism in animation, web videos and higher content quality, perception about the animation changed over the years. Businesses from diverse fields are utilizing animation. Business houses are applying animation as a mode of communication. Animation nowadays is being acknowledged apart from just movies, cartoon animation and video games.

Animation can be proved very resourceful for making videos about industry working; industry procedure etc. It can be employed for making business explanatory videos. It can be utilized in the imperative board meetings or while presenting in front of a client. Use of animation leaves a greater impact and creates a concrete impression. It’s a huge advantage to document all the process, working or presentations in animated video format.
It’s a proved fact that audio visual representation leaves a greater impact than text and verbal message. It stimulates our visionary and auditory senses which enhance the impact. Animation videos are very effective in maintaining user attention. It keeps you engaged with the whole business aspect of the working without getting monotonous. Animation videos use step by step approach to communicate and inform. Due to its novelty element, users will easily comprehend the message you are trying to get across. Your company can get greater leads from the search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing etc. Besides it will also prove effective to increase your market reach.

Animations|Galagali Multimedia in ThaneAnimation for Various Fields

• Advertising: Advertising is a leading field which is incorporating use of animation vigorously. Ad creators are using means of animation for creates video Ads, promotional videos, short films, TV advertising etc.
• Medical: Medial institutes use animations to educate and explain the various medical procedures by creating short 3d animation videos.
• Architecture: Architecture is widely known for using animation software’s for creating and recreating plans by using computer graphics.
• Mechanics: Creating mechanical videos to explain procedures and working of mechanical companies. It can save millions of rupees and help to educate wide number of people to teach functioning of machines.
• Education: Animation can be used to create slides or short videos to cover individual chapters. Some subjects are complicated for students to understand. Animation videos will simplify the information and improve understanding among students.

Like above there are other spheres of the wide industry such as forensics, news, financial sectors which utilizes animation representation.
In India larger part of demographic is still puzzled and unable to fathom what is animation? Many people consider animation as cartoons and overlook the huge potential of the medium. There are multiple types of animation which are being used in the market. 2d animation, 3d animation, stop-motion animation, setc.
We offer complete solutions of 3d max and 3ds max which are the market leading 3d animation software.

A novel approach for business online

E-Commerce Companies in Mumbai

With the advancement of technology and science, the entire façade of modern business line has changed. E-commerce solutions are bringing new innovations in Indian economy. Don’t be left behind by ignoring it. Here’s your quick guide to the array of benefits the ecommerce have :

In recent times India has witness revolutionary changes in the field of e-commerce. To put in simple words e-commerce is an online trade. Where you can buy or sell goods and services online. E-commerce is huge sector in the western countries and now gaining popularity in India. Current scenario of online market clearly indicates that e-commerce is the way of the future. In India e-commerce sector is still young but growing rapidly. E-commerce is one of the best business strategies to reach greater audience at minimum cost. Internet is responsible for bringing this revolution. Currently India has over 200 million internet users. In today’s world we go online to buy electronic products, book, and plane ticket, movie ticket, order a cab or to buy food.
E-commerce business needs very low cost to reach customers in comparison to physical store. Updating data and maintaining website is almost cost free. E-commerce investor can make steady profit. Even a physical store owner can start a website to expands his reach and take over new geographical area.

E-Commerce | Galagali MultimediaAdvantages of E-commerce

Wider approach: Physical store always have limitation of boundaries. It can’t go beyond its geographical area. But with an e-commerce website you can cater to the whole world. And with the current craze of smart phones, makes all the corners of the world available.

• Search Engine Visibility: Online traffic is crucial for E-commerce. Physical retail store use advertising and branding. Same way online retail store use search engines to get online traffic. Customers might search a product on search engine which will lead them to the e-commerce website.
• Cost Efficient: One of the greatest advantages of e-commerce is that its cost efficient.

• Travel Free: Online store brings your product to your doorstep. There is no need to travel to a specific store to buy your product.

• Discounts: Shopping Cart is known for their discounts and coupons, sellers can entice consumers with new marketing strategies by introducing effective bossiness planning.

• Creates Niche Market: E-commerce gives new possibilities to create niche markets. It’s easy to search and buy niche products online than trying to trace down the physical store and search for it.

• Communicating Effectively: Clear idea and a focused approach helps to communicate to the desired demographic. There is no need to get worry about target audience.

• Choosing Better Option: Some e-commerce websites offers comparison shopping. Compare two of your desired products and decide which one is better suited for you.

To help the ecommerce business to grow online, Universal Advertising, a digital media initiative that offers e-commerce Web Designs and E-commerce website solutions. The firm is engaged in providing user friendly web designs for websites. Besides, Universal Advertising offers Marketing Strategy to plan business structure and to attract new customers thereby to give them customer satisfaction.

Driven by Innovation

Digital Marketing Companies in Mumbai

In last few years marketing industry changed tremendously, digital marketing proved to be efficient marketing tool globally and is growing as business in India.
We are living in a digital age. Technology changed our lifestyle drastically. Whole communication paradigm is shifted. We are relying more on digital media to communicate with each other. Long gone the days where marketing was only restricted to billboards and TV ads. In recent times Digital Marketing became one of the most prominent marketing tools. But what is Digital Marketing? And what is the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing? To put in simple words digital marketing utilize electronic devices such as Computer, Smart phone, Tablets, Gaming Consoles to promote product or services.

Digital Marketing is a more or less online advertising but it is utilizing many other medium for marketing in last couple of years. Digital marketing enables investors to get results on their investment in real time. We are constantly linked with digital media in the form of smart phone, pc, or tablets. Digital marketing mostly affiliated with internet but wireless messages, mobile instant messages, electronic billboard and digital television are other aspects of digital marketing. Digital marketing is more persuasive compared to traditional marketing.
It goes beyond the simple marketing exercise where a brand describes a product to you and tries to convince you. In today’s world it’s more exposed than ever. Brand need consistently conncetd and creates personal relation with consumer.

New age Of Marketing :
Digital marketing is a much cost efficient tool of marketing if you have a clear idea and direction about your marketing campaign. Without proper strategy or idea it can turn other way and may result in loss of investment and labor. To connect with your desired target audience its best to hire a Digital marketing agency which provides digital marketing solution. Digital marketing incorporate multiple channels. That includes SEO services, Search engine marketing, interactive marketing, and social media marketing etc.Digital Marketing | Galagali Multimedia

The Success of any marketing campaign relies heavily on an effective marketing strategy. With the new technology at hand promoters can utilize maximum resources to develop and plan new marketing strategies. Use an analytical data of all your desired marketing channels. Decide on which marketing component you want to focus your investments. Analytical data will provides top trending online factors that can be utilized in digital marketing. The Majority of people initiates their research by using a search engine. Social media provides a very promising ratio of exposure to conversion.

Scope in India :
Indian companies are rapidly shifting towards digital marketing. With superior number of internet users in India, digital marketing is becoming one of the most preferred marketing tools. Search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, email Marketing etc are the common types of digital marketing. Social media platforms are turning to be a very effective tool for marketing. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus these social media websites are highly preferred by marketers. Hire digital marketing agency in India to help and adapt your company according to your target demographic.

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