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SEO and SEM Trends for 2015

Google Updates their algorithms and search engine optimization techniques to offer better results, let’s see what are the SEO trends that going to dominate the virtual world in 2015


Google updates its search algorithm more than 100 times a year. Recently it updated its algorithms such as Penguins, Panda and other. These updates provide more relevant search. After reading this you might want to go ahead and change your Search engine optimization techniques. But you need to hold your horses before doing anything. According to experts, the fundamentals of search engine optimization (white hat SEO) remain the same. Don’t get bothered about Google’s algorithm update. Just try to focus on writing relevant and useful content using the right keywords. Let’s take a look at what are the trends that are going to dominate search engine optimization India.      


Basics are still same:

Fundamentals of any good marketing campaign are still the same. Basic successful SEO depends on On-page SEO and off page SEO. Effective SEO requires both on page and off page SEO.


Importance of Mobile SEO:

It’s a need of an hour to make your website mobile friendly. Google now sends a report to user whether a website is mobile friendly or not. If your website is not mobile friendly then expecting your website to rank higher is futile.


Local Optimization:

Optimization of website for local area will continue in 2015. Small businesses want to dominate the local market; hence they will concentrate on optimization that will be constant with the off page directory listings.


Video Optimization:

Product video leaves a greater impression on the viewers mind. Most of the people make the decision of purchasing something after watching a video about the product. So publishing optimized videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr will get popular. Small businesses can gain get more benefits by implementing this technique.


Optimization of existing content:

It’s highly unlikely that websites will create new content for the new medium. Content which giving them traffic and lead is already exist, so it’s possible that they will concentrate more on optimizing existing content than developing new content that might result ineffective. Hence there will be more focus on content optimization.

Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

2014 really showed us what social media is capable of, but experts think 2015 will be the year when we see the full potential of social media marketing. Social media trends of last year clearly indicating the next big thing in social media marketing.

Social media offers the power of real time marketing, but many companies were struggling to pick the right time to target audience in 2014. This year brands needs to concentrate on how to market on right time. Video Content marketing is showing is growing continuously. This does not mean growth in YouTube. Utilization of social media websites for video is also increased and overtaking top video sharing sites. Facebook is no longer an undisputed ruler of social media. Visual sites like Instagram, Pinterest, tublr are rapidly getting popular. And if Facebook reaches its saturation point, then brands will concentrate on other social media platform to target their key demographic.



  • Right time marketing: Instead of concentrating on real time marketing focus on right time marketing. Marketers will focus on sharing right content on the right time than having rapid response. In 2015 companies will concentrate on creating fresh and relevant content.


  • Increase in social media advertising: Brands will shift to paid marketing tactics to make sure content is reaching their targeted demographic. Advertising through social media assure priority to your content.


  • Growth of content marketing: Content creation increased in 2014 and it’s evident that investment in content development is going to get increased. Marketers will also pay close attention on return on investment for their content.


  • Video marketing: Video marketing is still a strong marketing medium and it will continue to grow. But you tube is not the only medium for video marketing anymore Facebook video sharing is also going head to head with Youtube.


  • Shift in social media Paradigm: New types of social media websites are taking over the current market leaders. Visual web is taking over the traditional social media sites. Sites like Instagram are grown tremendously over last two years. Other visual sites like Instagram , tublr, Instagram gained more than 10 million users last year. So Facebook is not the only one to place all your bets on.

Best 5 Web Designing Trends for 2015

Let’s see what 2015 has in store for the web designing industry and how it will affect the way we browse the internet. 

As technology is evolving, so does our means of communications are also changing. The Web world is dynamic, within a year entire web industry change. Hence, to lure visitors you have to incorporate latest web designing trends. We are giving you top 5 latest web designing trends that will keep you updated with web designing industry.


  • SVG : SVG means Scalable vector design. Vector images are very clear and crisp they are nicely adapted to the screen. SVG illustrations and animations make your website aesthetically beautiful. SVG was a getting popular in 2014 no wonder it’s going to be a hot trend in 2015.


  • Responsive Web Design: Websites are adapting themselves to tablets and smart phones, for a better user experience. This trend is surely going to get bigger in the coming year. It will provide a flawless user interface to new gadgets such as smart watches; smart TV’s to name a few.


  • Dynamic Backgrounds: The trends of our real world always reflect on the virtual world. Web sites are getting rid of stagnant white backgrounds. Web sites are utilizing large image backgrounds for quite some time now. Incorporating Website background images is going to be a soaring trend in the coming year.


  • Interactive user interface: Interactive elements in the website enhance the involvement of the user. They create a memorable and enjoyable experience. Higher level of interactivity makes your website more approachable and exciting to visit.


  • Ghost Buttons: Minimal design is like ‘the style’ of the modern era, from gadgets to mobile operating systems everything is based on minimal design. web page design is also welcoming minimal designing approach. It attracts users attention in a more subtle manner. Ghost buttons or invisible buttons complement big image backgrounds very well.

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for 2015

At the start of this year, let’s focus on the graphic design trends that going to dominate 2015. These are one of the top trends that showed lots of potential last year.


  • Flat Design: Flat design is a minimalistic design approach that is getting widely popular in multiple platforms. Our popular mobile operating systems are utilizing flat designs. This form of design approach has features like clean and open space.  Generally utilize two dimensional illustrations with flat colors. Flat design emphasis on usability and simplicity.



  • Grid Layout: Grids are like invisible agents that are holding your designs together. Designers who are already have a background of Art College have an idea of what grid layout is. Grid design is getting popular and utilized for creating logos. They offer rhythm and meter to the design. It provides a very methodological approach to the whole graphic designing process.



  • Fonts and Typography: Utilization exclusive fonts and typography offer a distinctive feature to the graphic designing. Custom fonts are very helpful in establishing company branding. Handwriting fonts mix and match fonts can provide an interesting contrast in your illustrations and this trend of graphic designing is expected to grow in 2015.



  • Bright Color Palette: We all comprehend what is the importance of color in graphic design. The Digital color palate is much more evolved. Pastel colors are gaining popularity with the emergence of flat design. Pastel color palate utilizes many variations of a color shade. These less saturated colors offer a soothing experience to the viewer.



  • Single Shade Color: Rather than going with multiple colors. Multiple variations of a single shade are being used. This enhances the brand identity; this technique is very effective in multiple medium to make your brand more recognizable.

Writing Effective PPC Ads for Your PPC Campaigns

Writing a copy for PPC is a pivotal aspect of the campaign, we are giving you some tips so you can make your copy more effective.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Ad copy is responsible for turning readers into visitors, no matter what is the medium print ad or magazine it should grab reader’s attention. Pay per click (PPC) message on the web page must attract the reader. You may have an effective network of marketing, but without substantial message you are in a major setback. Your ad must find a way to relate to the reader or your just a writing a copy that will be much less exciting than a regular road sign. There are multiple marketing companies in Mumbai that offer Pay per click services.

In case of pay per click advertising, your readers are going through a search engine looking for something specific. It’s essential that your copy should connect with your reader. While conducting pay per click marketing try to use creative copy that will hook visitor’s attention.

So what are the aspects you should take into consideration while writing PPC campaigns.

First of all, use keyword in the title and description if you might. Using keywords and phrases help immensely and for description. Try to comprehend what people want to achieve or understand. You need to understand what they are trying to achieve by clicking your ad, are they interested in your discount offer. There is a notion in the marketing world that consumer is driven by the fear so using fear as a motivation can prove to be useful. Try to incorporate crucial motivating factors of consumers such as fear, affluence, health, education in your copy. You should create a need to seek your service or product. Try to show care for consumers and build emotional connect.


It’s really important aspect of PPC is to showcase the unique factor of your product or service. You should highlight and define the characteristics of your products and services. This is your chance to tell your competitors that why they should be interested in your products and services.

You should also comprehend that good writing is only a part of an effective PPC campaign. Attracting attention of reader and changing them to the visitor is the beginning. Pay per click management module incorporate many aspects that convert the visit into a transaction. Your landing page should directly appeal to the reader this will help you in making your PPC campaign more successful. You should also comprehend that good writing is only a part of an effective PPC campaign. Attracting attention of reader and changing them to the visitor is the beginning. Pay per click management module incorporate many aspects that convert the visit into a transaction. Your landing page should directly appeal to the reader this will help you in making your PPC campaign more successful.

Many companies in Mumbai and Thane offers Pay per Click services, and Pay per click management services. PPC Management Company offers effective campaign options for the businesses.

A Smart Analysis of User Behavior

Website Analysis Services|Galagali Multimedia


What is website analysis?

Website analysis is a service which calculates all your online data in a methodical manner to provide statistics about website traffic, source of traffic, conversions and sales. If you own a Website or you are an SEO Campaigner then it’s necessary for you to fathom the functioning of your website. Every Website is created with the motive of spreading awareness or with an expectation of expanding business. To achieve this goal, website analysis assists you to have a complete working of your website, you can concentrate on the factors which are proving to be effective and dissolve those aspects which are not generating any response from the user.

Website analysis also works as a website traffic monitor. Site analysis provides total number of visitors to your website. How many visitors are searching for your websites on search engines, what is the number of visitors who are coming from other websites, exact number of new visitors, ranking of your website in the search engines based on your keyword usage on pages? All this information will help you to review the current standing of your website on the internet. All the data from web traffic analysis helps you to concentrate and stress on the factors that are popular among users and generating traffic. Ex. If you have a food website and its getting more visits because of cooking videos then you should include more cookery videos to your website page.

Website performance analysis provides performance and speed optimization for your website. It helps you to analyze bad sectors in your website which are preventing users from your website. A Website needs to upload quickly or it’s very embarrassing if your website is taking too long to upload. It will make user to give up and look for the other websites. Website performance analysis helps you to find out whether your website is hosted correctly or not.Website Analysis|Galagali Multimedia in Mumbai

Why do you need Website Analysis?

Better Results: Keywords plays a pivotal role in determining your rank on the website. It’s very hard to guess which keyword is working for you and which keyword is not. Because of website analysis, it’s possible to see which keyword is giving you better results. Analysis shows what are the effective keywords and how are they affecting your search engine ranking.

Traffic Generation: If you need to increase your traffic you need to understand the origin of your traffic. Analysis will show you the source of the traffic. Possessing complete knowledge of the quality of your traffic will help you to improve and modify your content accordingly.

Link: Ineffective links in your website can tarnish the image of your website in user minds. It’s highly unprofessional to provide an inactive link to the user. It not only destroys your professional image but also make you lose a potential conversion. Web analytics enables you to check all the external, internal, inbound and outbound links to your website.

Content: Analyst can check your website for original content with effective keywords. It points out irreverent content on your website and provides information about effective keywords. It also provides you the keywords and phrases which are useful for you.

Many companies provide free website analysis by registering to their websites. Keep in mind that free website analysis will not provide you all the comprehensive information you need. There are many big players are already present in the market which provides website analysis for your website.

Offering Speed and Up-time Reliability

Web Hosting Services in Mumbai

We are living in the age of internet wherein we can correspond via online chats or videos, watch movies online, shop online, place food order online and book our air tickets online. Be it on your computer or on your phone we are constantly connected to the internet. It is safe to say that internet became an important element of our daily lives. Internet is expanding tremendously around the globe and as such in India we have millions of internet users. We all like to watch YouTube videos. When we download a video, we find out videos are quite large in size. Ever wondered how they maintain those billions of videos?

Lots of populace has some common misconceptions about the internet as they think that everything that we upload online goes up in the air and starts floating above our heads. It doesn’t work that way there is a whole process called Web hosting that is working behind it.

What is web hosting? Web hosting provides space to websites on the internet. When you want your website to be functional and available to users, you need to upload it with the help of web hosting services. Web hosting services store your website data in a high powered computers also called as web servers which are connected to the speedy network. When a user searches your website online internet connects it to the web server which is storing your website data. Then the web server send that data to the user, so they can visit or surf your website. Web hosting includes many aspects like “Domain”. What is domain? To put in the simplest form, domain is an address of your website on the internet. Domain names are essential to find your website on the internet. In short, you need a domain name to find your website.

Web Hosting|Galagali Multimedia in MumbaiTypes of Web Hosting :

Shared Web Hosting: It’s an easiest and commonly known web hosting service. In this service, one server is shared between many consumers. One of the advantages of this service is it’s a cheap web hosting service. It’s also easier to use as your host company generally take care of all the maintenance and security updates.

Website Builder: Web design builder is an easiest way to build and upload your website online. Site builder provides multiple customizable website templates to create website according to your preference. It includes free domain name and automatically setup account. Website builder is very economical and an easy way to publish your website online.

Dedicated Hosting: It does exactly as it describes itself. Dedicated hosting server serves only your web requirements. You get your own server and all the resources of the server are dedicated to only your use. Dedicated host server is highly customizable and flexible. You are free to choose your desired hardware and software. It gives you full access and control over the server and there is no need to share your server with anyone else.

Cloud Hosting: It’s somehow a middle ground between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. Cloud service is provided by multiple connected severs that creates a cloud network. Rather than provided on single sever or on virtual server. It does share a physical presence with the specially designed virtual pattern. It is the most flexible server which easily adapts to your hardware problems and puts your data to the secure location automatically. Your website will have dedicated resources. In addition, your website will have more resources to utilize than share web hosting.

Reseller Hosting: Reseller hosting can allow a company to provide web hosting services to consumers. It usually offers website design and management to the users. Reseller hosting is really cheap and economical which can be useful for entry level entrepreneurs.

Many companies offer web hosting India at affordable prices, according to the consumer needs. Many web hosting sites also provide web hosting services. Windows hosting, wordpress hosting, Linux hosting are some of the few names of web hosting service providers. There are many web development companies which can provide you domains after developing your website.

Unleash the Power of Web analytics

Web Analytics|Galagali Multimedia

The key factor of any marketing campaign is to generate a response from the customer. Traditionally, promoters were bound to wait for months to measure the efficacy of their campaign. In today’s scenario, the entire working of marketing industry is changing. Online marketing emerged as a prominent factor in marketing in recent years. Internet opened many doors for marketers to utilize maximum recourses of marketing. Whole marketing paradigm is shifting rapidly towards online marketing. To measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, companies incorporates analytics services. Analytics bestows comprehensive data about the entire campaign. What is analytics? Analytics is the result of systematic analysis of data, statistics or information. It’s vital to study Analytics to strategize marketing techniques. In the same way promoters and investors conduct Web Analytics to derive the results. What is web analytics? To put in a very simple words, web analytics means measuring the impact of your website on your consumers. Web analytics analyze all the web data to understand the web usage.

Web analytics provide concrete information about your website lead generation such as how many visitors are visiting your website? , how many of them are new? Or how many repeat visitors you are attracting? You can fathom the traces of users to your website and browsing preference. Web analytics are not used to just obtain traffic data to your website. It can utilize as an effective marketing tool also. Web analytic help you to trace from where you got your visitor. Did he clicked a link to reach your website or directly visited to your website? Web Analytics comes handy when you introduce a new marketing campaign. You can retrospect the factors of your advertising campaigns which evoked curiosity in users.

Web Analytics Services in ThaneGEO marketing is also termed as marketing geography; it’s a pivotal aspect of web analytics that is gaining popularity. To elaborate what is GEO Marketing, GEO Marketing utilizes the geographical data acquired from the website to construct and design effective marketing model. There was an old saying that success of any business is based on three things- Location, Location and Location. GEO marketing proves that location is still relevant to succeed in business.

Advantages of Web Analytics :

Traffic: Web analytics help to trace how a user is finding the website, how much time they are spending on your website along with the approximate data about their location. All this information is crucial for your commercial website. If it’s evident that you are generating more traffic from social media sites then it will be profitable to focus on the social media sites.

Customization: Analytics of your websites keep the track of the number of page views .You can also see what pages of your websites are getting maximum user attention. By understanding the user preference you can amplify the elements in which users are interested.

Effective Advertising: Lots of websites need revenue from advertiser to function. Statistical data from web analytics can be used as leverage in front of potential advertisers. High numbers of visitors in statistics can help you to charge more from the advertisements. Data is showing that the huge number of traffic coming from a certain demographic area. Then you can entice advertisers from that area to advertise on your website.

Web analytical data offers you the option to customize your website according to the user interest that will result in a greater number of website traffic for you and will create a better user experience.

Websites That Build Your Brand

Web Design Development Services in Thane, Mumbai

Web design and development is a vital instrument to spread awareness and working of a business house. Today we are living in a Google age. Consumer is definitely going to search for the company he might like to obtain more information about. Online absence may generate unimpressed consumer. Having a website assures improvement in online presence. Website helps to generate wider markets for the company and provide opportunities to enlarge business. In this day and age creating effective and professional web site is one of the main concerns of many business houses. Website is proven beneficial for many multinational as well as small scale businesses. Professional website entices furthermore makes easier to communicate with consumer. Website design plays a pivotal role in attracting eye balls towards company website.

Why websites are beneficial for my business?

Impression Does Matter: Professional website design will leave an impression on a visitors mind. So only having a website online won’t fulfill the need. Poorly designed and cumbersome website may leave visitors disenchanted.

Showcase Your Capabilities: Website is a great medium to showcase expertise of companies. It will generate interest in potential consumers. Website plays an important role in giving information about the company in more comprehensive mode.

Low Cost Maintenance: In contrast to the common misconception, web development is very economical and easy to maintain. It only takes a fraction of your advertising budget to develop and run a website. Updating information is also easy for the web developer.

Wide Approach: Internet can connect you to the entire world. Your business can venture into uncharted territory. That assures to help the business expansion and can generate greater profits.Website Design Development|Galagali Multimedia

How to create Website?

Website creation is key process for many online companies. Developing website is categorized in two parts- web designing and web development.

Web Designing: Website should comprise all the aspects of your company. Website user experience and handling can impress or dismay your consumers. Website Designing Company provides web design templates according to your business category. Always try to achieve best website design for your company so it can effortlessly make clients comprehend your company better. For online businesses making a professional website is a most important task. E-commerce website development is a crucial part where design and working of a website both plays critical role. E-commerce website design should be more appealing to consumers. To e-commerce businesses website is the only intermediate for them to connect with clients.

Web Development: To develop an effective website it’s strongly advised to take into service a website development company. Website Development Company will look after 360o web development services. That comprise of creating clean codes for your website which assures to lead all the potential users to your company website. Incorporating professional services of a Web design and development company will help you to generate maximum traffic to your website.

With lots of companies looking creating websites as a market need. It also opened many doors as a promising career as a website Designer or website Developer. In order to offer exquisite web designing and development services, Universal Advertising which is a website development company in India offers web development, web designing solution web site maintenance in reasonable and effectual way. Moreover, it is a highly reputed and leading web designing company in Mumbai.

A new enroute to business triumph online

social media marketing|Galagali Multimedia

Social media marketing is the term is which is being used constantly as an effective marketing tool nowadays. To understand what is social media marketing? You should have a clear idea about social media, for instance- What is social media? Media is a tool of communication. Social media is a tool of social communication. Social media sites serves as the interactive communication tool which allows communication as a two way streak.

Due to its wide reach and easy accessibility of social media sites millions of people turning towards social media to interact with each other. To that effect Many Entrepreneurs are looking at social media marketing as a next big thing. Looking at the number of current active users on some of the social media sites proves why Entrepreneurs are considering social media marketing (SMM) as serious investment. Facebook has over 1.3 billion active users globally and more than 100 million in India. Twitter has 18.1 million in India and 284 million worldwide. Above number indicates that consumers are online on social networking sites. People are dedicating at least an hour of their daily lives to social media sites. Hence it’s only logical that many entrepreneurs’ even giant corporate houses are using social media tools for marketing efficiently. Section of corporate sector still apprehensive about the overall reliability of social media marketing and think it’s a passing fancy.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Strengthen Brand Identity: Social media networks works as the brand voice. Making your brand audible with continuous existence will help to access potential consumers.

Increase Brand Loyalty: Strategic planning and effective communication will help to stir brand loyalty among the existing customers.

Renovating Image: Clear approach and being informative about surrounding which shows in brand’s interaction. Can help to uplift the image of as brand in consumer’s eyes. It provides more human approach to the brand image.

Developing Traffic : Strongly syndicated material will generate greater traffic to the company website. Otherwise people familiar with brand will visit the site which number is limited and hard to increase in absence of social media.

Cost Efficient : According to Hubspot report, 84% marketers found that only six hour of weekly effort is sufficient for generate greater traffic. Price is negligible compared to over budget ad campaign. Only an hour of syndication daily is a very easy task. Social media marketing services provided by social media agency promote paid content on facebook and twitter at low cost.

Search Engine Ranking : Social media optimization (SMO) is a best way to attract traffic from search engine. It’s a process of generating awareness about product using multiple social media platform. SMO is very much like SEO (Search engine optimization) key factor is to garner more traffic to the website.socialmedia

Social media agencies develop social media marketing strategy according to company’s image and provide social media optimization services. Social Media marketing company will help to syndicate brand news and content trough various social media which will result in constant brand association with consumer.

Types of various social media sites :

Social Networking: (Facebook, Hi5 , twitter add friends) interact by commenting on profile, communicate with friends by creating groups.facebook twitter allows users to chat , share and promote opinions.

Social Photo and Video Sharing: (You tube, Vine, Instagram ,tumblr) sites to upload videos and photos sharing with friends.

Social Blog: (Blogger , WordPress) where friends can like ,comment on blog and discuss. Blog site is an Effective medium to start dialogue.

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