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Why you must optimize your Website for Mobile

Going Mobile is seems to be the ‘Mantra’ this year if you still haven’t optimized your website for mobile then you are making a serious mistake and damaging your business. Mobile users don’t wait too long for website to get downloaded. It’s really surprising even with significant market growth lots of big companies yet to optimize their websites for mobile.

We are giving you some reasons that would explain to you that why having a mobile optimized website is a must.

mobile users

Mobile users aren’t desktop users: Mobile internet browsing demographic is different from desktop surfers. In simple words mobile users need the content quickly and easily. Interesting trivia about mobile users is they are impulse buyers they tend to shop more than desktop users. Optimizing website for mobile will complete the need of users of that media.

mobile traffic

Greater Traffic: Mobile users in India are increasing at the tremendous speed. With better connections like 3G and emergence of 4G people will make mobile internet marketing more crucial. It’s not a surprise that large section of Indian demographic using mobiles as their primary device to search internet.

continuty mobile conversion

Continuity: Mobile website creates a seamless continuity from desktop to mobile. It helps to build up effective brand identity. Browsing desktop website on mobile is a cumbersome task. and if you website is not optimized for mobile then it surely going to look dated for today’s age and you will lose your potential customer.

mobile conversion

Conversions: Mobile optimized websites can effectively provide call to action button. Desktop website on mobile doesn’t perform as the way we wanted the menu is awkwardly position all the links and buttons. And mobile users are not willing to spend time to have such frustrating experience. Call to action is need to be clear to the customer.

mobile website bounce rate

Low Bounce rate: It’s hard to read content of desktop optimized site on a mobile. If your website doesn’t have standard mobile web browsing actions such as pinch to zoom etc. it won’t stand a chance in the highly competitive market. Beautifully designed and optimized website will make users to spend more time on the site and encourage them to convert visit in the transaction. Longer presence of users on website will reduce bounce rate of website.

Add content in your writing

website content writing

Website content holds your users attention elaborate companies service and products. Writing content for website is different from writing for a newspaper or other media. Content developer has to wear many hats due to he is aiming for multiple targets while shooting his arrow of content. Primarily content has to attract users to generate traffic. Apart from being optimized for Search engine optimization, content must be informative, it should efficiently provide information about the company.

Optimized content: Usually companies just do not seem to realize the need of optimized web content they copy and paste their marketing content off print material. Writing for the web and writing for web is fundamentally diverse from each other. Moreover, it does not offer consumers anything novel, irrespective of change in medium.

Don’t make them open a dictionary: It’s not readers can’t fathom some words, but when you write for the website you are catering to a global audience. Hence, your target demographic is much wider by writing simple and informative content you can keep them interested in your website content.

Inverted Pyramid: While creating content to start with broad information of content and apply an inverted pyramid technique of writing. As you go further, get more specific about the subject you are writing. This technique is helpful for your reader if they want to skip any part and go further. More informative and readable information you provide then readers will like to read your content more.

communicate with consumers Communicate instead of selling: We all know that website content is a mouthpiece of your website. You are trying to encourage your readers to take action. However, don’t turn that content into a sales pitch. Readers are too smart to recognize between information and promotion. Give a reason to your readers to stick with your website.

Keep your content short and simple: You are writing for a website, you should comprehend the web readers’ habit. They are not on your website to read a short story. Users just scan the content and they concentrate more on the bullet points. Avoid writing long pages of content. Divide the content for better understandability.

Concentrate on your readers: Search Engine optimization assists you to get the readers however if you are only concentrating on the SEO then you will lose your readers eventually. You write a keyword phrase for SEO adding more of keyword phrases repeatedly will make content feel synthetic to readers and they will not read beyond two or three paragraphs.

How web analytics can lead you to success

benefits of web analytics

Google analytic is a free of cost web tool, which is utilized to track information that explain user interaction on your site whenever you are planning a search engine optimization campaign Google analytics will help you to measure the performance to have an effective SEO campaign. This tool will provide comprehensive information about multiple aspects of how your website is generating traffic and which keywords are generating more traffic and proving beneficial for your website.

Benefits of Google Analytic
Primarily it’s completely free of cost. Even though it’s a free tool, however still it’s as functional as any paid analytic tool available in the market. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say Google analytics is monopolizing the market due it its high functionality and integrated result generation.

Google analytics allows you to locate your website visitors. It also offers you to determine the affectivity of your main keywords as well as suggest you the other phrases and keywords people using to visit your website. At the initial stage of your SEO campaign, there might be low keyword density, but as you go further with your campaign, you will get more keywords listed as natural keywords.

google analytics

Analytics tool will help you comprehend which pages and links visitors prefer. Therefore, you will get to know which are the popular pages and links of your website. Also retrospect your optimization module is leading any traffic to your website.

You can understand how many first time visitors your are attracting because of your search engine optimization campaign. You can get the Google analytic option of geography and referral sources.

You can fine-tune your website with this analytic report you can make the necessary changes that will give you an overall diagnosis if you do a copywriting on any page which is not converting as per your requirements and needs then by converting It you are making all the necessary changes for making sure website progress.

Google analytics is not only collects data from Google, it also generate data from other search engines such as yahoo, Bing and Msn.

With Google Analytics, other than collecting data about traffic from Google, you will also be able to collect data traffic from MSN and Yahoo! search results with reverence for your site and use it to reinforce your stronghold on the search platform.

We highlight that it crucial for every business to analyze in the detailed behavior of the converting visitors. This comprises keeping a catalogue of multiple visits from the same user. Therefore, it also provides you comprehensive information about the who visited your site due to your SEO campaign but also how that visit turn onto conversion.

The Page analysis: page analysis provides you comprehensive data about the landing pages visitors most likely to visit. Which pages are essential for conversion and which pages they are more likely to exit. You can easily contemplate the vitality of the pages.

Popular SEO Myths Debunked

With increasing importance of diverse factors such as social media websites, pay per click services and content recommendation services the good old SEO get lost between all this clutters. However Search engine optimization offer significant benefits even though it does not proffer instantaneous results. Even though the number of people who are doubt the efficiency of the search Engine Optimization is rising, we are going to put forward some points that will make you think about the efficiency of SEO.
There are lots of misconceptions and SEO myths among people. These misconceptions are restricting them from taking advantage of SEO Services.
SEO is not effective: An astounding amount of users buy products using search engine. Even in the B2B sector marketers have substantial impact on the growth of their business due to the effective SEO technique.
SEO is costly: search engine optimization process includes many pivotal elements such as industry research, current market trends, searching for relevant keywords that will result in bringing greater traffic,SEO link building, monitoring the results and conducting analysis. SEO means not just SEO all these factors need to retrospect to deliver the desired result. All these tasks need time as well as efforts. In addition, keep in mind SEO will continue to bring you results even after the project is finished.
My business does not need SEO: Market is becoming digital and if you don’t adapt your business strategies according to the market then you are at risk of losing your business. Not promoting your business means, you are eradicating chances of your business growth. In addition, your loss definitely going to serve as your competitors gain.
SEO is slow PPC is a better alternate: PPC is a good alternate it brings immediate results. PPC can help you to get visitors within hours. Compare to SEO you have to create authority for your website. Pay per Click need constant investment apart from that anytime someone click your ad you have to pay a predetermined amount. Further cost per click also an increase that is bidding system is all about. If you want to see your ads on the top spot, you have to keep paying. The only way to stay ahead of competition is to outbid your opponents. SEO brings you continuous traffic without adding any cost. SEO remains to be productive.
My website needs to be altered because of SEO: You may have to do changes to advance SEO. Weak website design, complex structure and poor content will harm your website traffic. Other than that are multiple aspects need to be improved to enhance the productivity of the website to make it SEO optimized.
SEO keeps changing: it is true that Google change their algorithm more than hundred times a year. However, changed Google algorithm won’t affect your ranking negatively, users don’t even perceive the changes in website. Other than that rules that can affect your website is responsibility of your SEO expert. Implementing white hat SEO techniques and webmaster guidelines to save your website form get penalizing. So hiring an expert SEO Company will provide you all the necessary solutions by overcoming algorithm changes.

How to Develop a Mobile Friendly Website


mobile friendly website

 Growth of Smartphone is on the verge of overtaking the desktop screens, this is just a start, and the number is going to get much bigger as time passes. Phones are the preferred device for users to send Emails, connect to social media and internet browsing. People are purchasing products online. So let us see what is mobile optimized really is.

What is responsive Website

Give Response: Comprise responsive technology framework. Responsive framework is the easiest method to make responsive layout. The Grid based layout would help your website to complement any screen size efficiently. Then it does not matter its desktop monitor, tablet or phone.

Evolution of website


Take Advantage of Evolution: We evolved with opposable thumb for a reason, is to navigate with only one finger. Pinching screen was great while it lasted, but we are discussing about websites here. Everything on it should be clear and readable for users. Stop being cruel, do not the strain eyes of your readers. Furthermore, Make your target screen easily selectable and take precautionary measure to avoid those dreadful accidental taps.


Keep it Simple: A simple design and accurate copy provide exceptional usability. Always bear in mind you have a limited time to convey your message to your customer and it becomes immensely pivotal when you are designing a website for the mobile. Loading up your website with multiple graphics and videos may enhance the cosmetic look of the website but it may harm the functionality. Use images with lighter size it helps immensely to cut down the page load up time.

Website content

Focused Content: Always remember you are developing a website for mobile .apart from it you have a confined space that, you have to make functional, attractive and put up some literature. Don’t just take content off of your desktop website and place it in the mobile website. Take only the points that are crucial for the website and keep it short users are just going to glance through the content anyway if you make bullets it will prove beneficial to make them read.

Trends That Will Transform the Animation Industry


Animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Growth of the industry is astonishing not only across the world but also in India. One of the primary reasons behind the expansion of the industry is that audience is being matured and they no longer perceive animation only as children’s medium.

Western movies and Japanese movies showed us the potential and scope of animation movies. First and foremost we have to contemplate on the term animation, animation is a wide umbrella which comprise multiple things under itself. Animation not just include 2D animation but it also include 3D animation, Stop motion, motion capture, character animation, multi sketching  to name a few.


Stop Motion Animation :

Stop motion animation is been around for many years it is also known as clay animation if the material being used is clay. Animators are doing multiple experiments with the resources by going beyond clay models and utilizing paper cuttings, action figures, puppet animation, object animation, pixel animation to name a few.


CGI Animation :

CGI or computer generated imagery are created by utilizing computer imagery. CGI can be used for creating 2D animation as well as 3D animation. Until now, we always considered that CGI is employed to create more lifelike figures and animation but in recent times this trend is changing animators are using CGI to deliberately create object like structure.


Pixel Animation :

This nostalgia-coated throwback took everyone by surprise the most popular video game based animation. Due to low-resolution display, video game characters used to look like pixilated now people like the one this phenomenon again from t-shirts to mobile apps pixel art is getting popular among everyone.


Non-realistic Imagery :

Artists no longer in mood for recreating imagery based on the real life hence instead of working on lifelike illustrations of animals, humans, objects or scenery artists are going for vague and caricaturist approach with bright colors and limited resemblance to the real life objects. This new style is known as impressionist animation.

Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get Effective PPC Results



With the tricks of what to do for effective PPC, you have to know about the mistakes that can harm you while planning strategies. PPC serves as a shop window as your products and services so if you place window backside of your store and placing wrong products in it how it will be effective.

Google ‘Ad Rank’ is an algorithm, which is responsible for determining the location of your PPC advertisement in the result page. An effective ad will definitely place you at the top of the search page, which is the key position to attract maximum traffic. We are focusing on some of the common mistakes advertise tend to make when it comes to PPC ad campaigns.



Be relevant :

Your ads must be relevant to your landing page and the keywords should be top priority. Relevant advertisement enhances quality score of your PPC. That will result in better return on investment. Sometimes advertisers group together diverse keywords that makes it unfeasible to make a relevant PPC.



Power of a call to action :

After creating high quality PPC you have to urge consumers to subscribe your services or buy your products. Hence, clear call to action button enhances the efficiency of your PPC immensely. You also keep in mind that you are aiming for clients hence only view more or browse now will not take you far. Try to incorporate call to action buttons such as Buy now offers much more relevance for your business.



Take advantage of Ad extensions :

Extensions help you to send your users to their desired information. Extensions such as call, location, and social extensions are the basic PPC extensions in recent times Google has introduced multiple new PPC extensions. That offers dynamic search. Big search engines such as Google encourage users to use extensions to improve site links.



Broad Keywords:

While implementing keywords for your PPC don’t go for the broad keywords. If you have a graphic design company that deals with only print media advertisements then keywords such as graphic designing company are a too broad brush to paint your services. Since there is utilization of graphic designing on web media, television etc. be sure that keywords are relevant to your business.

Mobile App User Interface Trends 2015



User Interface or UI became an imperative component in Mobile as well as web industry. With technological advancement we are experiencing more evolved mobile designs. This year will introduce some new trends of mobile application design. Some of the popular design trends of last year will also get popular this year. We are predicting trends that we are likely to see in 2015.


Call to Action:

Devices will include blurry background images that will make content more readable and useful. CTA (Call to Action button) garnered much attention in the last year. CTA buttons are impactful when it comes to generating conversion.


Wearable Device:

This category is still very young and finding its way among the consumers, but with all the key players entering in the industry this category is surely going to bloom this year. Smart watches and wearable tech are going to be on the lists of app developers in coming years.


Transaction Between Devices:

There is always been demand from consumer that they want to build up a seamless connection between all the devices. So the data transfer and continue should be effective between all the devices from tablet to wearable gadgets.  Improving efficiency between the multiple devices will be the main focus.



Parallax user interface showed lots of potential last year. The Parallax user interface will provide a seamless user interface and easy navigation. Web and mobile application developers are considering parallax as pivotal design aspect. The Parallax background interface provides stunning visuals and enhances user experience.


Color Scheme:

Minimal and simple design is currently the most popular trend among the designers as well as people. Subtle color scheme in mobile application development delivers an aesthetically modern approach. People are no longer in the mood for ostentatious design. Material design is gaining the popularity and will get more popular for the rest of the year.


Say Bye to Shadows and Hi to Shaded Icons:

Icons are the most important and tricky factors. Changing icon designs drastically in mobile app design might not go well with the users. And old icons give stagnant feeling. Showing shadowy icons were popular but that trend won’t get followed in 2015.


Flat User Interface:

Reducing the number of clicks will surely help to improve the affectivity of an app. Developing user interface design to minimize click will offer better usability. So incorporating a design that requires minimum clicks will provide a better option. Flat design interface with few clicks will surely attract users.

Fonts and Typography Tips for Web

In the web world Font speaks louder than words, let’s see how to utilize fonts effectively on the digital landscape. 


Typography and fonts have a great impact on the overall appearance of website or logo. Designers are utilizing different types of fonts to enhance the user experience. With minimal design approach, many designers are concentrating on taking advantage of an extensive range of types of fonts to elevate the aesthetically value.


Choose Your Typeface:

Every typeface need adjustment when it comes to utilizing it for website or for logo. Select your prefer font at initial stage of web designing, it will help you to keep a specific rhythm in your website. Avoid making any last minute changes they might affect the whole philosophy of the design.


Don’t Forget Word Spacing:

Pay attention to adjusting spacing between text characters as well as words. This becomes more crucial when you are working with free fonts. Free Fonts download on the internet create many problems as fonts are poorly constructed.


Flawless Representation:

Maintain constancy between your fonts. Observe the character individually and look, is it complements the other character and the overall design. Pay attention to the color and shade frequency.


Size Does Matter:

Designing a text based logo is always tricky. Logo needs to be presented as large banners as well as business cards; hence, the visibility and attractiveness of your logo should remain intact despite variation in sizes.



Don’t shy away from trying anything new. Experimenting with new ideas and stylish fonts will surely help you to get out of the monotonous designing approach. You can choose between multiple font styles such as Calligraphy fonts, Handwriting fonts or Hindi font, Tamil fonts to name a few. Indian fonts can prove effective while concentrating local areas.

Mobile Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Content marketing is always been a focus of marketers this year trend is going to change from web to mobile. Content marketing for mobile is going to take a big step forward in 2015.


Content marketing is going to create a lot of buzz in 2015.A Lot of marketers are focusing on creating more content than what they used to create couple of years ago. Content marketing was on a priority list or a lot of marketers last year, so it’s evident that content marketing is going to more focused on in coming time.



Personalized Email Marketing:

Hold of E-mail marketing is still strong among marketers and consumers. When we think about Mobile marketing we instantly think of Email marketing. Consumers believe that Emails which they are receiving have relevant experience.


SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is growing tremendously compare to the last couple of years. In India SMS marketing is getting popular due its low cost and wide approach. Users usually get lots of discounts and deals through SMS marketing. Marketers are going to take more advantage of SMS marketing in 2015.


Mobile Responsive Design:

Mobile responsive layout of a website is going to play a pivotal role in 2015. Responsive mobile website is a key component of user experience. Better keep in mind that mobile responsive design goes beyond just a mobile friendly website. It needs to provide a complete mobile optimized experience.


Social media Optimization for mobile:

Social media is an excellent platform to track and interact with potential consumers. Social media websites provide liberty of communicating with consumers in real time. Marketers are concentrating on utilizing all the aspects of marketing funnel hence content on social media networking sites is going to get expand.


Cross channel integration:

Consumers are using mobile devices for online product research. Effective content marketing can provide right information at the right time. Mobile content marketing is utilizing multiple marketing channels such as Email marketing, Direct mail. With the increasing numbers of handheld devices, marketers are looking for focusing on mobile devices.

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