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Website content holds your users attention elaborate companies service and products. Writing content for website is different from writing for a newspaper or other media. Content developer has to wear many hats due to he is aiming for multiple targets while shooting his arrow of content. Primarily content has to attract users to generate traffic. Apart from being optimized for Search engine optimization, content must be informative, it should efficiently provide information about the company.

Optimized content: Usually companies just do not seem to realize the need of optimized web content they copy and paste their marketing content off print material. Writing for the web and writing for web is fundamentally diverse from each other. Moreover, it does not offer consumers anything novel, irrespective of change in medium.

Don’t make them open a dictionary: It’s not readers can’t fathom some words, but when you write for the website you are catering to a global audience. Hence, your target demographic is much wider by writing simple and informative content you can keep them interested in your website content.

Inverted Pyramid: While creating content to start with broad information of content and apply an inverted pyramid technique of writing. As you go further, get more specific about the subject you are writing. This technique is helpful for your reader if they want to skip any part and go further. More informative and readable information you provide then readers will like to read your content more.

communicate with consumers Communicate instead of selling: We all know that website content is a mouthpiece of your website. You are trying to encourage your readers to take action. However, don’t turn that content into a sales pitch. Readers are too smart to recognize between information and promotion. Give a reason to your readers to stick with your website.

Keep your content short and simple: You are writing for a website, you should comprehend the web readers’ habit. They are not on your website to read a short story. Users just scan the content and they concentrate more on the bullet points. Avoid writing long pages of content. Divide the content for better understandability.

Concentrate on your readers: Search Engine optimization assists you to get the readers however if you are only concentrating on the SEO then you will lose your readers eventually. You write a keyword phrase for SEO adding more of keyword phrases repeatedly will make content feel synthetic to readers and they will not read beyond two or three paragraphs.

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