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Why you must optimize your Website for Mobile

Going Mobile is seems to be the ‘Mantra’ this year if you still haven’t optimized your website for mobile then you are making a serious mistake and damaging your business. Mobile users don’t wait too long for website to get downloaded. It’s really surprising even with significant market growth lots of big companies yet to optimize their websites for mobile.

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website content writing

Add Content in your Writing

Website content holds your users attention elaborate companies service and products. Writing content for website is different from writing for a newspaper or other media. Content developer has to wear many hats due to he is aiming for multiple targets while shooting his arrow of content.

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benefits of web analytics

How Web Analytic Can Lead You To Success

Google analytic is a free of cost web tool, which is utilized to track information that explain user interaction on your site whenever you are planning a search engine optimization campaign Google analytics will help you to measure the performance to have an effective SEO campaign.

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Popular SEO Myths Debunked

With increasing importance of diverse factors such as social media websites, pay per click services and content recommendation services the good old SEO get lost between all this clutters. However Search engine optimization offer significant benefits even though it does not proffer instantaneous results.

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Trends That Will Transform the Animation Industry

Animation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Growth of the industry is astonishing not only across the world but also in India. One of the primary reasons behind the expansion of the industry is that audience is being matured and they no longer perceive animation only as children’s medium.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid to Get Effective PPC Results

With the tricks of what to do for effective PPC, you have to know about the mistakes that can harm you while planning strategies. PPC serves as a shop window as your products and services so if you place window backside of your store and placing wrong products in it how it will be effective.

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Mobile App User Interface Trends 2015

User Interface or UI became an imperative component in Mobile as well as web industry. With technological advancement we are experiencing more evolved mobile designs. This year will introduce some new trends of mobile application design. Some of the popular design trends of last year will also get popular this year. We are predicting trends that we are likely to see in 2015.

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Fonts and Typography Tips for Web

Typography and fonts have a great impact on the overall appearance of website or logo. Designers are utilizing different types of fonts to enhance the user experience. With minimal design approach, many designers are concentrating on taking advantage of an extensive range of types of fonts to elevate the aesthetical value.

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Mobile Content Marketing Trends for 2015

Content marketing is going to create a lot of buzz in 2015.A Lot of marketers are focusing on creating more content than what they used to create couple of years ago. Content marketing was on a priority list or a lot of marketers last year, so it’s evident that content marketing is going to more focused on in coming time.

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SEO and SEM Trends for 2015

Google updates its search algorithm more than 100 times a year. Recently it updated its algorithms such as Penguins, Panda and other. These updates provide more relevant search. After reading this you might want to go ahead and change your Search engine optimization techniques.

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Social Media Marketing Trends 2015

2014 really showed us what social media is capable of, but experts think 2015 will be the year when we see the full potential of social media marketing. Social media trends of last year clearly indicating the next big thing in social media marketing.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC Campaigns : Writing Effective PPC ads for Your PPC Campaigns

Ad copy is responsible for turning readers into visitors, no matter what is the medium print ad or magazine it should grab reader’s attention. Pay per click (PPC) message on the web page must attract the reader. You may have an effective network of marketing, but without substantial message you are in a major setback.

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Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for 2015

At the start of this year, let’s focus on the graphic design trends that going to dominate 2015. These are one of the top trends that showed lots of potential last year.

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